What stings more, 2018 or 2021?

2018, no doubt. They were right there one out away from winning it all. Then THAT happened and changed the course of the rest of the tournament.
Oh so close we were that day.

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Definitely 2018! However, I was really hoping for a 2021 CWS championship partly because it would have moved 2018 way, way back in my memory recall.

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I think a better one would be what hurt worse, 2018 or the Stoerner Fumble?

2018 because of the magnitude of what would have been.
Even if we won over NCST, no way to know what would have transpired going forward.

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I hadn’t thought of “the fumble” in awhile. In my lifetime, that was the most brutal football loss.

I don’t think anything is as bad as the last swing, last out.

I will say ‘69 Texas compares. You still gotta win Cotton Bowl. But that was a tough one.

I was at that game in the middle of TN fans. They were congratulating us on the win. Then the fumble. Tough….

2018… easily. My dad looked at me and said, well we got one more shot, we will get them tomorrow, but I knew that miss crushed our soul and lifted them out of the pit of thinking they lost to a victory. Giving them the needed momentum and energy to win it all… and they did. 2018 crushed me.

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Is there a program that snatches defeat from the jaws of victory better than us? Sigh…One thing it does do is make the big wins all the more sweeter.

I think every one of us knew we had no chance in game 3 against Oregon St. 2018 made me hang on this season hard…probably too hard. I know I have an unhealthy desire to see Dave get the monkey off his back. Before 2018, I didn’t think it was possible for us to win a natty in baseball. Now I know, not only is it possible, but it is soul crushing when we don’t. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but Coach Richardson always said you have to feed the monster.

I guess being # 1 in baseball all year only to be disappointed later is reminiscent of 1978. AR football Cover of Sports Illustrated picked # 1 and # 2 in AP following our route of Okla in previous Orange Bowl.
Then lose to Texas of course. Next week Houston. Tie UCLA in a bowl.

which raises the question…what about 1969?the same feeling from 2018’s dropped ball left the same sinking feeling in my gut as the 1969 Arkansas/Texas “Big Shootout”…figured after Friday nights pounding…we would dry up for Saturday/Sunday’s games…ready to turn the page to football and then basketball seasons…just my 2 cents worth

That final game in ‘18 was brutal. I ended up sitting among a bunch of Nebraskans who were not really interested in the game. I was miserable.

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This is an interesting question that I have been contemplating myself the last couple of days as I stayed off the boards…mentally just needed a break.

The thing is, as similar as they are in some ways, they are dramatically different in others.

In 2018, I thought we had as good a chance as any and better than most. I didn’t expect to win it all going into the post-season, but I knew we had a very good chance. And then, we put on a good run and had it laying right in front of us. But in my heart of hearts, I knew Oregon State was just as good as we were…and maybe just a bit better.

This year was different because although we were among the elite in 2018, we were THE team this year from virtually the very beginning, when we swept the Big 12 elite in Arlington. After a very brief 3 game “adjustment” early on, we never looked back and were Number 1 in almost all polls for 10+ weeks (and the polls were unanimous for most of that time).

In fact, it was a historic year in the way we distanced ourselves from the pack and then virtually lapped them. I believe, when the CWS is over, we will STILL be #1 in RPI, a feat which I don’t believe has ever been done. The teams in Omaha that remain play so many games against good competition (and, obviously, are having continued success) that it really boosts the RPI. But we had such a huge lead that it will be interesting to see if the winner can catch us (and that’s after we LOST our last 2 games).

So, to get so close as we did in 2018 was obviously difficult to process. But I never thought we were, without a doubt, the best team that year…just that we had an excellent chance to win. This year, well, we WERE the best team. We’re not going to take the CWS trophy home, but that doesn’t invalidate what we did for 3 months before 2 one run losses kept us away.

So, to me, this hurts more. And - yes - maybe the fact it that this year’s disappointment is so recent may be a factor in that…too early for me to sort that out. I guess a year from now I’ll have a better perspective about it.

To further my point, and as I noted in another thread in this forum, we went 9-3 vs. the CWS field. That HAS to be some sort of a record for a team that didn’t make it to Omaha. Probably for a team that DID make it into the CWS, too.

2018 hurt a lot worse.

I was in bed recovering from a hip replacement when the ball dropped on the ground.

Needless to say, was in both emotional and physical after it happened.

2018 was awful…at the last minute I grabbed my two sons and went to Omaha for the game. It was gonna be a great father son trip until the drop. My oldest was a U of A student at the time and my youngest was in the 7th grade. My youngest started looking around for another school to support shortly after that game because he got a glimpse of what it was like to be a true Razorback fan.

I think every Razorback fan knew when that ball dropped, we’d lost the NC. That’s true even though we were still only 1 out & 1 strike away & even though we could (theoretically) win the next night. We just knew. There was just something about it.

You are correct. When That ball hit the ground almost immediately came that very uneasy feeling.
Then of course we had to sleep with it.
Almost like Cursed

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