What should we hope for when Jordon Phillips is able to play?

I understand that he is similar to Isiah Joe, a tall, lanky, shooting guard. https://247sports.com/Player/Jordan-Phillips-84987/

Can he significantly improve the offensive firepower and be the “missing link” sorely needed on our second wave of players? Is that too much to hope for from him this season?

Not a shooter, but a good athlete that can handle the ball. Similar to what we had with Darious Hall, but better off the dribble.

I guess I tend to assume someone listed as a “shooting guard” must have a good 3-point shot. Not true?

Pulled up some highlight tape, smooth is an adjective I would use. Good ball handler, good shot, long arms, gets steals, very good passer. Should fit right in. Good size too for a 2 or 3. Most impressed by his midrange jump shot.

Jordan isn’t as good as Joe when it comes to shooting. His advantage is his length and versatility. He also (in my opinion) will have the best midrange stroke on the team. Being 6’7 also allows him to hit the glass. Before he was hurt and bore the season, I thought he was a taller, better version than Jones. However, after the first three games, I think Mason is much better than I thought. I think Phillips is going to be very similar, but maybe better at rebounding

After he gets in game shape he just might be the missing cog in that 2nd unit. But gonna take a while as his minutes slowly increase.

IMO, we should temper our expectations. First, we should remember he’s coming off an injury and will take a few weeks to be physically game ready. He was also our lowest ranked recruit in the class (not counting Ibby), which, in the end, may not be meaningful. Physically, he brings something to the table that we need in our bench. Length on defense and ball handling with some scoring abilities. Hopefully he becomes a huge help that improves our bench play sooner than later.

He was a Top 150 guy with Rivals and was higher ranked then Sills. With that said I agreed with tempered expectations. If healthy though he brings much needed depth to the SF position.

I’m hoping that when he’s healthy, and after he’s had time to adjust to the college game, we may see some Ron Huery type play out of him.

Most here remember Huery; he came in highly touted but was never a “super star” for us. Also got into some off the court trouble (not comparing JP to that!), but when he did play he was a very effective player in Nolan’s rotation. Provided a bit of everything - was able to handle the ball, score (though not a lights-out shooter), rebound and play defense. Very competitive and not afraid of a big moment.

If we can get some of that from Phillips I think it will really help this young team. Versatile guys like Huery, Hawkins and Lenzie Howell thrive in the “40 minutes” model.

I really like Jordan Phillips versatility and I think the RH comparison is a good one.

I like him as a small forward most and I think he will add a little bit of everything to this team. He is a different player than any of other 12 scholarship players.

He is not as good a 3-pointer shooter as Isaiah Joe is, but few people who have played here have been.

He is a legit 6-7 as evidenced by when he stands by his teammates for the national anthem.

Huery averaged 12.0 points per game in his Arkansas career and scored 1550 points. He’s not in the UA top 10 career scorers but he isn’t far from it. Superstar? No, but he was the man for two years until MayDay showed up. Remember, too, that he was the first product of Nolan’s Memphis pipeline.

Yes, I am aware of all of that, Jeff. I didn’t say JP would BE Huery; just hoping that he is “Huery-esque”. That type of player who can play a lot of different roles and contribute in various ways - not just be a scorer.

BTW, those other guys I mentioned (Hawk, Lenzie) could ball as well. :wink:

BTW, those other guys I mentioned (Hawk, Lenzie) could ball as well. :wink:

[/quote]I really like those kind of guys who can get to the paint area, say at the free throw line to 10 feet away, either by dribble or receipt, and put the ball into the hoop. We haven’t had those guys lately. Today, kids want to shoot three pointers or dunk.

I’m hoping Jones can get there, would love for Phillips or Joe to develop that skill.

I just hope he can shoot the ball,so many of ours guys are athletes who can’t shoot the ball,they play hard and can function in the open court but are not effective in the half court.

Mike keeps hyping this dude up in the pressers. I can’t wait to see what he brings.

I was a member of 247 until a few weeks ago, so I used their rankings (not composite). They were:

Phillips - #275 - #57 SG
Sills - #225 - #37 PG

As I said in my post though, the rankings are generally irrelevant when the numbers are this low. I like Desi as a back-up PG, especially on defense. Hopefully Phillips will turn out to be a very good back-up at the 2G and the SF spots.