What Should Be the Main Offensive Thrust Against Texas State

Should we concentrate mainly on running the ball in order to try to improve therein, or should we try to improve our pass blocking by having a number of deep routes? The former should enhance our time of possession (thereby giving our defense rest from the rapid pace of the opposition offense) and improve our rushing numbers. The latter (if successful) might diminish the tendency of future opponents to put 9 on or near the defensive line and provide more experience for our offensive line and running backs in pass blocking.

It will be whatever the Texas State defense is giving. I think we’ll be balanced. I’d like to see a few long runs and a few long bombs by BA. I want to keep opposing defenses from stuffing the box with 8-9.

BA will have to throw long from Jacksonville …I know you meant AA

Hope we get out early and get some work for Whaley and others

Running, passing, balanced or not, I think we see a few tweaks with the O-line at different times. Need this shored up as much and as fast as possible before aTm game and facing their front line.