What’s your wish list?

Just curious to see who/how you guys are prioritizing at the end here?

My personal list would be
1 Goodrich
2 Bush
3 T Wilson
(If not Wilson) Mincey or Gerald
4 Winkel (or Luke Jones if at all possible)
5 Brule or Foucha
6 Parker or Moody
7 (If not Bush) Battle or Johnson

Also, completely unrelated, but I think Mason is a stud. I think in a year or 2 we’re going to be doing back flips over the fact that we got him. I think safety is a weakness for us right now but I like Mason and I like the prospects of getting one of these other two


Realistic Wish List

Wilson or Mincy
Parker or Moody
Winkel or Gassaway
JSJ Jr. gets fully scholly due to TTech full offer

Finish with these guys and I’m very pleased . Pull in Goodrich, Bush, or Battle in addition to above and I’m amazed.

Spending a few days at Oaklawn after signing day.

That’s an expensive place to hang out! I’d rather spend my time and cash watching the hog!

  1. Luke Jones
  2. Mincey or Wilson
  3. Parker
  4. Foucha
  5. Bush or Battle or Johnson in this order.
  6. Goodrich

Call it a class and let’s go win some games
Winkel or Gassaway as a PWO or Blue shirt.

LOL. Don’t hunt or fish or play golf anymore so the horses are my hobby.


All the defensive studs we can land that we have seen or still will be seeing (Mincy probably out) and Luke Jones and Johnson! That’s not asking too much right? :smiley: