What’s your impression of TX team

From behind enemy lines in Austin here, the fans seem pretty excited.

I didn’t see all of their game, but Sark seems to have done a good job with young quarterback who shows a strong arm. Some strong receivers and strong running backs. Although Cajuns seemed to stuff them inside some. Cajuns had a pretty good D but seemed to wear out as you would expect. TX D has some real talent it seems.

Not sure all evaluation, but seems Sark has put some life into their program unfortunately.

Texas always has top athletes. If it has the wrong coach or has misevaluated or the ream has some internal problems, it can be mediocre. But the richest school in the country sitting in the center of the best recruiting territory and being the first choice of the vast majority of those recruits gives them tremendous advantages. Fortunately, the 25-85 scholarship limits and some bad decisions at the top has kept it from reaching its potential. It certainly hasn’t dominated like it’s resources should command. OU has been the much stronger program for a while now

We had better put big-time pressure on the freshman quarterback and we’d also better stop that running back. Those are the two things that will be essential. If you give that quarterback time to throw, he will absolutely kill us. He is really, really good. We need to rattle him, and let the game day atmosphere in Fayetteville really get in his head. He will not have seen anything like that before. But getting some semblance of a pass rush is critical. I really don’t know if we can do that. I do think we can stop the run some. We are pretty strong on D up the middle, actually, especially with Ridgeway back and once we get Bumper back in the second half. Bijan Robinson is no Earl Campbell. I saw Earl hang 186 on Arkansas in Fayetteville 1977. Unbelievable. Against a great, great Arkansas defense.

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