What’s your gut feel on game today?


I’m nervous

We win by 3 or more runs.

I’m anxious for the first pitch! Being nervous isn’t an option now. This is just an exciting time of the year and our hogs are still playing. I watch the CWS every year.
The hogs have everything they need to win it all. Now they just need to stay focused and get it done on the field.
Texass 2
Hogs 8
I’m hoping for a couple of runs early in the bottom of the first!

My gut feeling is that I’ll be rooting for our Hogs. WPS.

this team is hard to figure out because I never really can tell how we are going to play so I’m nervous,we are the better team but haven’t played well away from Home.I like our chances against anybody when we play our best.

I watched Arkansas and Texas practice yesterday - all of Arkansas’ and the last 30 minutes or so of Texas.

The Razorbacks got after it the entire time, taking batting practice, infield and outfield, doing some situational stuff. The pitchers were throwing to each other in the outfield and shagging fly balls. The team looked loose and prepared.

When I got to the park during the Texas practice, the pitchers were sitting on the field and in the dugout, and the hitters were indoors in the cages. The team looked nervous.

Will that translate to today? I don’t know, but as an observer, I preferred Arkansas’ approach of getting a lot of work done during practice.

I will enjoy the butt kicking today for the self perceived anointed ones…

Team ERA of 4.09, with a #1 starter who gives up a 4.34, does not particularly scare me. I think we’ll slap him around a bit. If Blaine is his usual self we’ll be fine.

That seems like the key to me. He’s been pretty steady even when he doesn’t have his best stuff. However, every pitcher can have a really bad day or a really good one. I hope today isn’t one where theirs is great & ours struggles. Still, I cna’t help but feel pretty good. Nervous of course, but still fairly confident.

I wish we’d jump off to a big lead so all of us can breathe easier throughout the game.

This. I liked it when we jumped on Fullerton early in our first game in 2009 (although I really wish we’d jumped on them early 30 years earlier).

I’m nervous. But I’m always nervous when we play Texas (or LSU) in anything. Seems they beat us even when we are better.

I can’t count the number of times we have outplayed them. only to have them wake up for 5 minutes and manage to beat us.

But, if Knight doesn’t throw those waist high sliders right down the middle and turn around to watch the ball sail over the wall, then we should win.

The only saying you play like you practice!