What’s up with Lakia Henry

I see crystal balls for him and mentions that he could be the 28th.

Any new details other than that? Good chance he flips?

This would be phenomenal. His tape is something to drool over.

I posted at 3:42 I thought he would be a Hog. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=23151&start=10

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Sounds good to me

Would be ANOTHER major get for the Hogs!!!

Man, if we lock up Henry and maybe Martin too, then this has been one heck of a complete class. Talk about addressing needs and bringing in talent and speed where its needed most.

I hope they sign players on defense that are play makers instead of a transfer QB.
Landing these LB’s would provide a spark
This will already be the best class overall I can remember.

We’re in a pretty unique situation in that our HC and OC have coached both our QBs on campus, and the potential transfer from SMU, so I feel good about them making an informed decision about whether he will be an immediate upgrade or not. That said, I also would rather see another LB or a good corner signed if they don’t think there is a transfer QB who would be more than added depth.
Scoota is great, but he played way too many snaps this year, and Greenlaw graduating leaves a huge hole in the middle of the field that will be tough to replace.

Headlines on Walker might influence bringing in two JUCO LBs?

Could, but not for certain because Arkansas still has to move out 5 or so more players to be able to get down to 85.

You have to balance how much another back-up linebacker would play vs. how much a grad transfer QB could help a team.

Right now you would have Scoota Harris, Bumper Pool, D’ Vone McClure, Andrew Parker, Grant Morgan, Hayden Henry, AJB, Zach Zimos and one junior college linebacker at the spots

What about Zimos?

Be interesting to see how this does pan out with the recent news on one of our other LB’s.

I hope your crystal ball is right RD. I just saw where FSU offered him and to me that offer would seemingly be very attractive due both to their history and (maybe even moreso) to their proximity to his hometown of Vidalia, GA. (about a 3 1/2 hour drive for family to get to home games)

Hope I am wrong as I was very excited about this young man. To me FSU would appear to be a stronger challenge than TN even though he is currently committed there.

Things are always subject to change. LOL. Prime example with the offer.

Long time until he signs in Feb.

You make a good point…long time until February. This thing will probably take several twists and turns before then. I sure would like to have him become a Razorback though; seems to fill a position of need. Of course, if we are honest, basically that is true across the board at this point.

I am curious…did you think he would get an FSU offer when you were expecting him to pick the Razorbacks?

Interesting stuff RD. Guess I was thinking he was a mid-term guy and we would know something soon but guess not haha.

I did not know.

Yah, spring grad.

Thanks RD.