What’s up with assistant coaches leaving?

I know can be situational and industry can be somewhat transient but just seems like 2 or 3 fairly recently.

Does Muss drink too many caffeine laden diet cokes or something?

I think Musselman pushes his assistants pretty hard. Is that the reason they all left? I don’t know.

There were some personal relationships in play for all three of the assistants who have left.

• Chris Crutchfield was able to coach his sons at ECU.

• Corey Williams will be reunited with Sean Sutton at Texas Tech. Williams is close with the Sutton family.

• David Patrick and Porter Moser are good friends.

It appears as though assistant coaching turnover is going to be an annual occurrence now - lots of assistants leaving for lateral positions. The same thing happens with Nick Saban. As long as Muss keeps winning games at the rate he is, we will gladly keep him in fresh new assistant coaches.

You are spot on. It is not a problem until it is a problem.

Would Crutchfield come back if done coaching sons? Wasn’t he a good recruiter?

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Crutchfield was hired at Oregon a few weeks ago.

And bounced after one year. Seems, umm, odd

I assume Crutchfield took a significant pay cut to coach in Ada. Perhaps he only intended for it to last one year.

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When you got to play Harding and OBU every year, the pressure gets to you.

I hope national talking heads talking this way, does not affect hiring of the next assistant.

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Coaches that are high strung/intense will probably always have higher turnover of assistants than the more laid-back coaches. Good or bad, that just seems to be the dynamic. No one is going to slow down Coach, so assistants will either fit with him or leave.

Like most things, none of this stuff matters too much when you’re winning. The thing that is predictable, however, is that someone will point to coaching turnover some day when we aren’t winning enough, as to one of the problems with the program. :roll_eyes:


Completely agree.

The Rhodes Rowdies are vicious.


I guess Muss can’t be intolerable. Coach Argenal signed up for a second dose. But I bet CEM is demanding.

PJ, I can always count on you to bring something negative to the board. I don’t understand why you ever bring anything Goodman reports to this site. He hated Anderson and still hates everything Arkansas. I have faith Muss knows what he’s doing even if you don’t.

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I saw a tweet this afternoon that said Muss has gone through 16 different assistants during his time at Nevada and now Arkansas. I think this may simply be what we can expect.

It’s Diet Pepsi that Muss drinks, Bush. Anyway, about this topic, I think that anybody that burns with the fire and passion that Muss does is not going to have career assistants, and I’m not sure that’s necessarily a bad thing. We all wanted this to be the final stop for Muss, but if his assistants aspire to be where he is professionally, this can not be their final stop. As far as Goodman, does he say the same things about Saban?
A couple of the things that frustrated me about about CMA was that he rarely showed the passion that Coach Richardson and Muss did and do. So many times I hoped Coach A would get a T and show more fire. Of course he didn’t, because that is not who he is, but I love this trait in Muss, just like I loved it from Coach Richardson. The other thing that frustrated me about Coach A was he kept assistants here TOO long…long enough to get comfortable and complacent in recruiting. That will not be a problem with Muss.

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This isn’t meant as a knock on Patrick. Goodman says he was a great hire for Oklahoma and insinuate a loss for us. He was here a full year. Could someone remind me please exactly who he’s responsible for recruiting wise for this year or the next. I can’t remember anyone.

Patrick may be a great hire for Oklahoma. But he’s going to be on leave for most of this summer helping with the Australian National Team. I assume that kind of leave of absence will continue.

Muss may have preferred all his coaches be here all the time. It’s a full time job and draws full time pay. Just saying!