What’s the status of BP

Bumper Pool



Richard I’m hoping Bumper and Conner can help hold the recruiting class together.
Do you see any of the visitors this week end coming to the hill?

As I have noted before, I think 8 of them will stick with Arkansas regardless of who is the head coach.

The other 4 - well, that will depend on whether they would like the new coach, whether the new coach would like them.

I think there is very little Connor and Bumper could say that would have anything to do with that.

All that being said, Jim Youngblood and Coach Tim Horton had as much to do with Coach Petrino’s first class staying together as Coach Petrino.

But Coach Petrino gets full credit for landing Joe Adams

not Richard, but I think Arkansas impressed the kids who were here this weekend except for the attendance.

The fans that did show up and stayed certainly impressed them…and me.

It was very, very important for the five kids to see Arkansas, it’s campus and its facilities.

Now whatever happens from here will surely factor into their decisions.

Where are Horton and Youngblood now?

Coach Horton is an assistant at Auburn

Jim transferred to UCA and has a job in the real world