What’s the real scoop on why Hammonds hasn’t seen the field recently?

I have heard the rumors (unsubstantiated as far as I know) that he may have opened his mouth in the wrong fashion to Morris and/or one of the other coaches, but have not seen anything concrete as to specifically why he’s not playing.

He may not be the biggest back but he’s got home run speed and IMHO might have helped us these past few weeks.

Any firsthand knowledge or insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Two different head coaches, desperate for wins and in need of play-making RBs and WRs, haven’t played him.

We haven’t heard, why, yet, except he’s hurt a lot and doesn’t practice much. But, I’m confident there are reasons that keep him from playing.

After watching Watts this year so far I’d say he needed some playing time before now.
Hammonds may very well be hurt. I’d like to see him play if he is healthy and can help the team. I wonder why Williams wasn’t used at RB last night in the second half.

The fact that Hammonds has been on the sideline the past two weeks and hasn’t played makes me think he might want to take advantage of the redshirt rule.

The guy has big play capability ala Korliss Marshall

A real head scratcher

If he is going to redshirt why does he suit up?

In the past he’s had issues with pass pro which makes him a one deminsonal back. Not sure if that has improve but to play regularly he needs to be able to block too.

If it was one coach, you could argue that it was a coach issue

If two coaches don’t play him, it’s likely a player issue

And he dances too much when he gets the ball. He isn’t better than 5, 21 or 2.

You know I don’t know that I have ever heard what his speed is…anybody know what his 40 time is…timed on campus?

Hammonds body of work so far suggests he needs space to use his speed, and has not shown much ability to run routes. He looks more and more like a tweener at the SEC level, not quite good enough to be a back, and unable to make a change to a true WR position. So you are left with a guy who can run jet sweeps and other gadgets.

Hayden is more elusive, runs harder, and is a natural back. So he gets most of the carries when you don’t have a bigger back in the game.

I think you nailed it NLR.

I would use Hammonds in the slot and work the middle of the field,very elusive in space and would be a nightmare matchup against LB’s run some some square ins with him,some out and ups anything to get him in space