What’s the new deal with LK

I read that something else came up with LK other than talking to ole miss, it gave the BOTs more ammo against his hire. Anybody have any news about this?

I know a lot of people claim to be in the know, and they all say different things, and some things are misconstrued.

However, when it comes to one BOT member, I know he didn’t want Kiffin, but that’s only one. Rumor is there was more

Should have hired Leach the first of the week, if we had the chance

On the radio show Clay said the rumor is “ they found something” in LK’s background they don’t like.

I suspect there is plenty to choose from.

We should have hired Kiffin (if we haven’t). There was actually nothing to stop us from closing the deal with a binding letter of intent and not making it public until Saturday night. It sounds like they were not allowing HY to make that decision without getting it approved by the BOT. That’s a major mistake and let other suitors jump in the Fray. Our lowball offer also let others jump in.

Hopefully, we actually got a deal done and all this “late stuff” is just Sexton being Sexton.

That’s all BS. Every coach has baggage.

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Hell, if you dig deep and long enough I’m quite sure you’ll find something in everyone’s past…Give me a break. Let’s dig in their background and see what we can find.


Heck, I think as Plan D we just need to hire Pittman, retain Lunney, and let them build a staff.

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My question would be if he was vetted, why was this issue(what never it may be ) not found a wk or two back?

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The BOT and the PTB have had a huge part in getting this football program where it is right now. The worst team in the SEC, and close to the worst team in D-1 football. Now, they are doing their level best to keep the program in the sewer.

If this search is really being handled the way it appears, the next hire we will be making is a new AD. With this BOT, they’d probably like that. They probably have their man
in HDN.

Thank god for basketball (men and women) and baseball. That’s all I followed throughout most of the 90s, when basketball was flying, and didn’t even miss football.

Now, if all the crap that’s being thrown around is all bull and we end up with Kiffin or Leach, then I retract everything in this post. Just really aggravated this morning.

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I suspect the guys in charge of this hire are a little leery, given we apparently got burned by Bert’s drinking that probably should’ve been vetted better. No, no one is perfect. But you don’t want avoidable baggage that can really cause job performance problems. And, of course, I don’t know if LK has any of those problems or not.

I too, am very, very frustrated and disappointed. Our football team may never come out if this and we will continued to be LAUGHED at

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Read where Clay said that the guy that told him Yurachek was the guy just told him that Kiffin was the hire. Was this wrong? Outdated? People claimed he said that after he made the first claim that Kiffin was out. ghg

No clue if it’s wrong or not. Lot of rumors circulating. Started about 1:00 yesterday afternoon.

Only thing I know for sure is HY interviewed someone

How do you know that? Were you involved in the interview? Sources don’t count, you know. :rage:

Very true

Smoke and mirrors.
Smoke is thick & the mirrors are 2 way.

As I’ve said before, If your drowning in a pit of shit, you’ll accept any hand to pull you out even you worst enemy. But if the BOT & PTB are slapping hands away and only wanting some Mother Teresa type, then they might as well give up on having a top program and go ahead and push our head completely under until we drown and are dead, because that will be less painful than a long slow drawn out death while they search for a choirboy version of Vince Lombardi.

Everyone has baggage. EVERYONE. We will continue to get farther behind while other programs hire those we turn our nose up at and become successful. Perhaps if they screw this up, maybe we need a movement to fire the BOT. They are just as responsible for our programs state as anyone.

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I suggested that during the last FB search. Didn’t happen

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Bottom line our AD needs to just hire a coach and to heck with the BOT!