What’s the latest on Myles Rowser

And if we don’t see anymore entering the portal how many more can we take?

Nothing new. We’ll see if he signs in Feb.

Sam said they still might sign a HS guy.

I think there’s a good chance of more entering the portal. Probably after the bowl.

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There’s maybe a few more hit the portal for sure. I’ve learned one thing for sure from you these last few years.
The numbers will still itself out!
By the Covid Seniors returning it could make it hard to figure out until they make their decision to come back or pursue other options.
If they all
Come back that Coach Pittman wants to come back it would sure make the defense strong!

Maybe it’s my glass half full showing here but it seems like you’re doubting he’ll sign RD.

It’s never a good sign when everyone but one signs. So, yeah, there’s good reason to doubt. Maybe he can’t enroll early, so he wants to leave his options open. I assume if could enroll early, he would want to do that.

Get out of Michigan in January for Fayetteville, no brainer.

He and his coach are no longer responding to my calls, texts, Twitter DMs.

Usually not a positive sign.

At the appropriate time more info will come out. I know that’s vague but best that can be done right now.


Sounds like he’s gone… That’s not good he was the highest rated recruit

Wonder where to? Michigan…

He gone!

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