What’s next part 3

I’m not here to change your mind, but you seem like a thoughtful person so I’m trying to understand your position. In your original post you said you don’t like Mike’s results (and you’ve got a more than enough sample size) and yet you think getting a new coach would be wishful thinking compared to sticking with Mike.

Objectively speaking, we’ll lose our best athlete next year, probably a head scratching transfer as well and our only signee at this time is a 5’11 3* most likely better suited to play football from what other’s say.

Seems odd to me.

I just don’t have confidence that we can find a coach who is going to significantly improve this program. I believe Anderson is a good coach, maybe not great. We are also faced with a resurgence of programs in the SEC and many Hog fans wonder why we are not part of that surge. But, it is the players who have to come through in the end. Yes, the coach is responsible for recruiting, training, and coaching on game day. We do have a young team. I think that gets too much credit for why we have not performed well, but it does often rear its ugly head at the most critical moments, like the last 30 seconds of a game. Give these guys a few years of experience and I believe we will see a tournament team that will quell much of the dissatisfaction we currently see.