What’s next Part 2.

Almost 1 month later, I still don’t have a clue about this team. One night, we seem to play like a top 20 team for 30 minutes and throw in 10 minutes of awful. Some times, we regain momentum and win in the final seconds. Some times we lose. I guess it’s just how a young, not very good team plays.

There are questions that arose tonight that had not been a big problems in the past. Gafford looked like a poorly conditioned athlete instead of a veteran of Cleveland Hill. If today’s play is a true reading of his endurance, the coach has to give him more frequent longer breaks. His play in the last 2 minutes was awful. He certainly looked gassed. He needs to be able to play at full speed in the last.minutes of games.

Shot selection was not good in the last 10 minutes. You cannot hope to win taking low percentage shots. Harris is either in a deep shooting slump or just cannot be trusted to take shots in crunch time.

The only shooters that.should take those shots are Joe, Jones, Gafford (unless he is totally gassed) , or. Embery-Simpson… The 4’s, Harris, and Sills should only take open lay-ups.

This team is so frustrating to watch. They will win and then will lose a game that they should have won.

Anderson must be an extremely patient man. I am trying to remain patient. I think that most fans are too. We can’t lose many more or we will have to win the SEC tournament to play in the Big Dance.


I think a lot of us are holding onto hope that this team makes the NCAA where program belongs.

But I’m afraid this collapse against a bad team is a bad look on both coaches and players.

Can they regroup and forget it and finish strong?

We all hope.

I’ve blamed youth for different woes of this year.

The SC collapse where SC freshmen stepped up and we apparently gave up down the stretch does not inspire confidence.

Such a shame because our kids played hard and smart for 70 percent of the game.

I do think the highlighted portion has been an issue at times (including yesterday, they started rushing towards the end instead of being patient like they did in the last two games).

It’s also why I have a better outlook for next year than some of our posters. There were only two games this year, where we really weren’t in it at the end (TN, Ole Miss). Even yesterday, I looked at the play by play, at the final TV Timout (3:11 left) it was 65-67. A one possession game. If a youthful team that makes youthful mistakes are in it late, think about when they’re more experienced.

I still think we have a shot at the NCAAT this year. I do think yesterday’s loss hurt worse than some believe, but we do have a shot at some good wins coming down the stretch. Hopefully, it’ll be enough.

Edit: We are still being projected to finish 20-11 (regular season), if that happens and we win one in the SECT, more than likely we will be dancing.

TeamRankings.com projects the Razorbacks to finish 4-4 and have an 18-13 final regular season record. If that record plays out to be correct then we would probably need to win a couple of SEC Tournament in order to get in the Dance.
This projection would have us at 9-9 in conference and the SEC is projected to get 8 teams in the NCAA Tournament. Having that knowledge, we can look and see that we are in direct competition with Alabama and Florida for those final two at large bids from the SEC which at this time are projected as 11 seeds.
Depending on how the Hogs win / loss record plays out over the next couple of weeks the Alabama home game could have huge implications.
Also, I don’t believe we can get beat in our first SEC Tournament game under this scenario and get an invite to the Dance.

Go Hogsheads!

I actually think if we finish 18-13, 19-12, or 20-11 and go 0-1 in the SECT we would most likely be on the outside looking in. I think if we finish with 19 wins, we need 2 in the SECT, and we finish with 20, we will need at least 1. If we win 18, then I think we need to at least make the Finals, if not win the SECT.

I have said it before and will say it again we don’t have enough “consistent” shooters,Jones,Joe and Gafford are our only real threats,Simpson has had 3 games where you see his potential to be added to the group but is not there in reality yet.Chaney is a great athlete but is a very poor shooter and ball handler,he need to really work incredibly hard in the offseason to be a force next yr.Bailey has some potential,Gabe is best suited for garbage baskets and defense and Sills plays hard but is not a good shooter at this time but love his energy!
CMA has to start brining in better shooters even if they are not great athletes ala Jones.We are focusing too much on brining in athletes and not well rounded BB players IMO.I don’t see us making the NCAA just not enough pieces to finish the puzzle.

My hope is fading for a NCAA berth, but there is still hope.

I hope they don’t finish with a losing record.
Carolina game slipped right out of their hands, it should have been a win.
We were fortunate not to lose the Vandy and LSU games, very easily could
have been now three losses in a row.
I think this team is at best bound for an NIT bid. It seems emotions are becoming frayed from a few players. Losing this game has all the earmarks
of the rope getting harder to hold on to. I hate to see this. Their were no
superlative games turned in by any of our players.