What’s left for recruiting.....

I think Vanover is a done deal which only leaves 1 scholarship if no one else transfers. I’m pretty sure Sy is the main target. What if he doesn’t sign? I think we are good in the backcourt, and there aren’t many grad transfer bigs left, so I’m thinking it’s best player available (like a LJ Figueroa) or we just hold it for 2020.

When is Sy visiting?

I wouldn’t speculate too much at this point. A lot can happen, including transfers from our team.

There does seem to be some steam behind Vanover.

I really like our situation with Sy. I would expect to hear something on his visit in the next few days.

I will be very excited about next year if he signs. We would legitimately have a top tier SEC team.

Why is Vanover transferring? Can he be deemed immediately eligible under the newer rules?

And what are those newer rules?

There was a coaching change. I think he always wanted to be a Hog and Bears suck.

I would think he would have to redshirt.

Not exactly sure, just know it’s supposed to be easier to be ruled eligible immediately for transfers.

I always wanted to be a Hog, but IMO, I don’t think I’m worthy of a basketball scholarship.

I would expect to hear something on Sy visiting Arkansas after this weekend.

I’m told Connor’s main factors in wanting to transfer to Arkansas from Cal are new coaches at both places and he always wanted to be a Razorback.

As for him being eligible immediately, I don’t know a reason why he would get a waiver, especially since he is not quarterback transferring to a major school, which seems to be a thing these days.

I would expect that Luke Jones and Connor have a good chance of getting a waiver by moving back home.

RazorAg, what do you think about Conner? Do you think he’s a good fit for a Musselman team?

Conner Vanover although a legacy player of a former Lady Razorback basketball player IMO is in now way the type of big man the Hogs should be investing a scholarship for 3 seasons while sitting out 1 season.
If you haven’t watched him play and simply think that his 7ft plus size would benefit the team with down low size, rebounding and scoring then I would suggest you should do some research.
Conner is not a low post player on the offensive end of the court, more comfortable shooting from outside and can shoot it pretty good, but is that what we are looking for?
CEM has stated that he wants to play with pace and I don’t see Conner being able to keep up which what I saw watching him play this past season at Cal. He just isn’t athletic enough and has trouble getting up and down the court. The athletic bigs in the SEC will have a field day if matched up against Conner 99% of the time.
Look, I understand why some may want Conner to be a Hog, but there is a reason why so many D1 programs took a pass on him out of high school and IMO it would be the 1st recruiting mistake of the CEM era by offering him a scholarship spot, he can and should be able to land a better piece to the roster than this IMO.

Go Hogs!

They will use Vanover to pull opponents’ big, athletic men away from the basket (Remember Oliver Miller and Dwight Stewart). If they don’t come out on him, he can drill it.

With his frame, he should be effective in setting screens out on top.

At 7’3, he’ll certainly block and alter shots.

I’m glad he’s going to be a Hog. BTW, I watched him several times in his high school career.

Yes, I do very well remember Oliver Miller and Dwight Stewart and if you are comparing Conner Vanover to either one of those former Hogs then I will just simply have to disagree.
Completely different body types, I don’t believe Conner has the type of frame to do much in the way of setting screens, he’s about 50-75lbs too light to be a factor over a full season in the SEC.
Yes, he can shoot, but we aren’t trying to win a game of HORSE in the SEC.
Waste of a scholarship IMO.

Go Hogs!

I look forward to RazorAg’s take, I’m not of his credibility or caliber, but I think he is a solid fit. I think Freedom 3, Moneyball is perfect for him. If we were going to play, inside out post offensive basketball, probably not so much a fit.
I think the biggest adjustment will be for Arkansas basketball fans in general. They will see 7’3 and will be screaming get it inside to the big man, why is he jacking up 3’s?

I think he will be solid in this system.

Dunno if Vanover is a fit, but I trust the coach’s judgement more than any blogger. So if he comes, so be it.

I was adamant that Connor Vanover was not the right fit when he was a recruit in high school. Now, there’s a better fit. Am I still concerned that he’d have trouble defensively at times, especially in a system like Muss’ (all man-to-man)? Yes. But, is he worth a scholarship as a player that comes off the bench and gives you some minutes as a big (really big) that can shoot it, rebound some and block shots. I think so. Just depends on the numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens, though, and again this time, I’m not against it.

To me the only thing you have said that is a legit concern is his lack of athleticism, which can be improved upon. If he comes here it’s as a role player. There is an opportunity for him here to be a key piece, his downside is defensive speed and quickness, but that can be offset at times especially in games where the opponents bigs are not athletic types. He can really create matchup nightmare on the offensive in by opening up the floor.

Yes, he knows more than any of us. Obviously. If he didn’t then he wouldn’t be the HC. Given that, I have coached before, and I’ve really been studying this style, Vanover is a curious offer to me, but as you said, have to trust Muss and what he wants.

I have coached before. too, and worked for two Hall of Famers.

And why I have opinions, I would never think I would know more than CEM, who has done this as a lifer, about who is best for his system.

I do know that he is better than some on the roster and would provide more than I expect them to do so because of his unique skill set and height.