What’s important to you?

The most important things to me with the football team (or any team for that matter) are effort and fight. I will accept whatever the outcome may be as long as I am seeing maximum effort, resiliency and fight.
Saw a lot of that with last year’s team. Not so much this year. However, saw a big improvement in the Liberty Bowl.
Fully realize we don’t have the top shelf talent or depth of other teams, but as long as the players and coaches are giving it their best effort, I can live with that and support them 110%.
UA…Campus of Champions


I agree with you. Give 110% effort and no give up (as we saw with KS and look what happened -not over till over). I was very unhappy with the effort and caring from this yrs team as I think Sam was. It seemed like we saw very little of that after the A&M fumble and TD return. They slept walked through Liberty and MO with the results such an effort brings. There seemed to be good effort in the Bowl.


Not taking resources away from baseball and basketball. Anything else is icing on the cake.

I’d shutter baseball and hoops if the additional resources led to sustained success in football ( it wouldn’t of course).

To each his own, but my favorite sports are college football, football recruiting, spring practice, and the coaching carousel!

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No way for me

Basketball my favorite

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It takes all kinds

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I know y’all will be shocked, but baseball is my favorite.
:grin: :baseball:


:joy: :joy: :joy: Shocking.

I’m with you brother if you can find yourself able to add in the female cheerleaders in all of the sports.

I love all 3 of our major sports. Fortunately, we don’t have to sacrifice success in one to have success in the others.



Just win baby.

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