What’s Houston Nutt up to these days??

Can’t imagine he’s too busy for us. Has to feel a little indebted after we gave him that golden parachute payday on his way out. Call him up. I don’t even care if we do run a draw play every third down. Houston vs Gus. Let’s see it again.

In hindsight we probably should have never fired him.

I actually thought about that yesterday.

Works for the CBSSN, on throughout the day Saturday talking college football.

Houston looked better than CCM, but he had Stoerner for two years, Matt Jones for four years and McFadden for three. If Morris had a Stoerner or Jones at QB we might be 3-0, even McFadden could play QB better than what we have now.

It’s interesting to see the public perception of Houston’s tenure change. I thought he had worn out his welcome here, but I also thought that one day he would be more appreciated for what he was able to accomplish. It was the only prolonged run of success the team has had in this conference.

We can’t seem to stand success. Ran off Nolan. Ran off Nutt. (Petrino ran himself off). Surprised we’re not trying to run off DVH and didn’t run off McDonnell, except that nobody really cares about track (oh, we won another national championship, that’s nice, now who’s going to play quarterback next year?).

It got almost as vicious against Nolan toward the end as it did for Nutt with the Springdale 5 soap opera. Flying a banner over BWA wouldn’t be very effective or someone might have tried it. “No-win,” over and over. How did firing him work out, guys? Still haven’t been back to the Sweet 16, sixteen years later.

I guess Jones and McFadden just fell in his lap…

Yep. Fans treated Hatfield horribly too, and we paid for it after he was gone.

going to take 3 more years after this year to get a good offensive line and quarterbacks and defense to play and compete with all Sec teams just give the man time Frost is 0&2 at Nebraska and one of the top projected head coaches

It got you nearly banned on most other forums if you even dared to say that Houston Nutt did a good job while the coach at Arkansas.

Like Matt said, the public perception of him as the years have gone by has been nothing short of fascinating.

I don’t know if you all remember but when he was let go, Chuck Barrett said on his show that pre-dated Bo’s that it would set the program back 10 years. He got killed for saying that at the time, but he was absolutely right. Take out the Petrino years and they’re basically on year 7 of 10.

Just to be clear, I was only joking. And I think Houston Nutt was a garbage coach and even a worse person on the pickup basketball court. His arrogance and stubbornness were a major Achilles heel that he could never overcome with any amount of rah rah motivational speeches or 3rd and long delayed draw play hand offs. Ultimately he ruined the best opportunities the program has seen in 50 years with Gus and the three headed RB monster in the backfield. Still would be thrilled to take him back to replace Morris… on an interim basis of course.

Chuck has been proven right, and Hogville was one of the worst things to ever happen to Razorback Football.

Chuck was absolutely wrong. We “recovered” quite nicely with the hiring of BP. The success that we had while BP was here can’t just simply be overlooked.

BP had to be let go for his transgressions. The results of his actions are a major contributor to the abyss that we find ourselves in today.

I see. Winning the West and having three first round draftees was poor coaching, terrible, my Gosh did Nutt not know you are supposed to pass on every down? Oh, never mind beating Texas.

Yes losing the sec championship game and to a Brett Bielema coached Wisconsin back to back with a DMAC that would have easily been Heisman winner with a better coached team… was a big underperformance

But hey I did say I would take Nutt over Morris.

You did not. But from what I could see from a good distance , many wanted a high school coach from Arkansas to replace Nutt. That high school coach has won the National title but the prelude to that virtually destroyed the Hogs program. I do hope the high school coach we now have will win it it for us. I do think the fans did more harm than any coach.

We’ve gone from pining away for Petrino all the way back to Nutt now?