What’s clay been saying on the radio?

About BB abc the program? I have not been able to listen

I would like to know too

He said that CBB singed a new 5 year extension Sunday
Pay was smaller just 4.5 m per year
That should help in the recruiting ,right?
Go Hogs!

Just kidding guys calm down. :smiley:

How in the heck we can justify bringing him back baffles me. Done very little in 5 years. We’re not even competitive.

His keys column today touches on a lot of his thoughts from this week.

It doesn’t have all the bad jokes, though. We edit those out.

I was kidding.


I thought it was a good joke

I didn’t read what you had posted before I posted my response; yours was good. My post was a dig at Clay’s attempts at humor on the radio. He tries hard.

Obviously my attempts at humor aren’t that good if it needs explaining. :smiley: