What’s best way to get tickets in Arkansas section?

Would like to try to go with family and sit on our side if such thing thx

They’re only letting 13,300 people in the stadium which is less than 20% of capacity. Not sure there’s any such thing as our side.

Looking at the ticket page at their website, nothing in the upper deck at all, just lower bowl and suite/club level. They’re now designating the top of this diagram below as the SEC side, or at least that’s where our bench will be.


A little surprised that we’ve sold more tickets than TCU so far, if indeed that is our side. Looks to be lots of end zone tickets available.

“Lots” is a relative term. No more than 60 tickets left in any end zone section (that’s 138 by the way). But the club seats on the SEC side appear to have been snapped up.

The University does not have tickets for season ticket holders due to seating limitations. Have to buy them from the bowl according to email I received from RF.

Yup, and I linked the ticket website above.

I would think we would sell more tickets to a bowl game vs TCU in any venue in the country

Maybe not in Amon Carter Stadium, but only Boise State can get away with a bowl game on its home field.

Back in 1981, I attended the Arkansas-TCU game at Amon Carter. Attendance was about 17,000 as I recall. Estimates were that 12,000 of them were Hog fans. Arkansas fans outnumbering SWC home teams was pretty common at every venue in those days, with the exceptions of Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.

That was pretty common then as you mention, but TCU crowds are significantly larger now. According to College Football News, their five-year attendance average for 2015-2019 was 44K plus, darn near capacity. Of course TCU football is a lot better now than it was in the 60s and 70s.

Got our tickets last night! We got club seats on the SEC side.

Excited! Go Hogs!

TCU benefits greatly having so many conference opponents very close to DFW, and many have large alumni bases there. If TCU was still in the Mountain West it’s attendance would be much less. When Arkansas played there a few years ago I’d estimate we had 25-30 percent of the crowd. It’s like that when they play OU, O-State, Texas, Tech, and Baylor. Those games help their average tremendously.

I’m sure that’s true for their regional opponents (including the SMU game every other year), but in 2019 the last home game for a bad TCU team (5-7) against an equally bad West Virginia team drew 40K, and I doubt that very many people trekked to Foat Wuth from Morgantown.

That West Virginia vs TCU last year was played in the rain. You can watch the game or highlights of the game on You Tube. Doesn’t look like there were over 20,000 in the stadium. They must have listed tickets sold for the attendance, (which the UA certainly has done over the years, including basketball and baseball).

Quite possible. Everybody fudges unless it’s a sellout, and even they they go “over” capacity

Hog fans been waiting on a bowl game for a while!

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