What’s a Hog fan to do?

6:00 tonight
Basketball game and Baseball game at same time.
Watch one live, record the other?
Set up two TV’s/devices and watch both simultaneously, risking a major cardiac event?

And if the basketball team keeps winning, the games continue to overlap all three days.

I am stressed already

You should setup two devices amd keep the AED machine attached just in case you go into that cardiac arrest.

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SEC Tournament Basketball game versus an early season baseball game…no brainer…I watch the basketball game on the big screen…with my computer on the coffee table streaming the baseball game!

TV for Basketball and Laptop for Baseball when they overlap like this. Recording both so I can go back and watch in greater detail if I so desire.

My father taught me to have two TVs available for just such situations. The setup is especially useful during football/baseball season.

Same here. Basketball on the TV, baseball on the PC.

I was about to say I don’t have the TV/computer option, because I stream YouTubeTV to my set through my laptop. But my company just sent me another laptop. It may be put to use for baseball.

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