What’s a foul?

I’ve watched these play-off games and see what I consider a foul that is not called. Case in point…I watched a player go by the defensive player and the defensive player reached a put his hand on the hip of offensive player to ride him. No foul….I have watched a rebounder come down with the ball and get hit all over his arms and eventually is tied up……no foul. The physical play that now is allowed to me is getting out of hand. They may as well be in pads and helmets. Just my thoughts.

But we still shot 25 FT’s in back to back games.

I would agree. I’ve noticed the same thing. Most times I am all for “letting them play” and “letting the players decide it” but sometimes when you start overlooking the obvious fouls, things tend to get out of control.

In the first half last night of the Hogs game, both teams were whistled for 2 fouls, I believe it was. TWO! In twenty minutes of basketball. Obviously, both teams committed more fouls. Some were pretty hard fouls.

So both teams adjust to the style that is being called and the defense gets much more physical. That leads to guys driving to the hoop and thinking more about how many teeth they may have left instead of finishing the shot. You expect a foul to be called because it has been all year, and now all the sudden you’re getting knocked around and “it’s play on”.

I’m not blaming this on our poor shooting last night, but I think it definitely had an effect, especially when you look at some of the shots in the lane we missed. On many of them there was contact. Each time a foul is not called, it just seems to lead to a little more physical defense the next time in my opinion.

Agree, there are so many jump balls after a scrum it seems and you know the guy was fouled but no call :man_shrugging:. WPS

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