What’s a favorite stadium section for 3 pm game?

Not sure we can make it up from TX with kids but wondering what favorite sections you might recommend for a good experience.

May do a ticket site if we can break away.

Thanks in advance.

On a warm day, I like the west lower sections 103, 104 & 105 so that the sun will not bake you or be in your eyes toward the end of the game. Ticket site prices are cheap for this game, but you have to pay their premium on top of the asking price. And, I’d be a bit concerned about getting my ticket to print by Saturday.

You don’t have to print them. They’ll scan off your phone.

Thank you both

Suite 367

I sit on the east side on the 50. It is brutal this time of year…hot and no shade. Don’t go there until it cools down in the fall.

Hopefully, you’ll be close to cold beer. That should help ease the east side this year. I’m on the west, on the aisle, so it should take me about 15 seconds to the cold beer, which could be a problem depending on the $$.

Anywhere on the lower level west side. Otherwise prepare to bake in the sun.

^^^This^^^ Unless you’re willing to spring for a SEZ club seat