What radio stations in NWA

carry the baseball games?

I’m sorry that no one answered you sooner.

92.1 carries most baseball games, but during times of conflict, a local AM station carries them. I can’t get the AM station to come in. I’m sure the FM station didn’t carry the second game of the DH.

You can check the list of baseball affiliates in this post from the F.A.Q thread. It currently is a list of 2018 affiliates, but I will try to update as soon as possible.

92.1 carried both games today. I missed the very end of the second game while running errands, so they might have left it early to start the basketball pre-game, but otherwise they carried the whole game.

That’s good to know. I can’t get that station at home (I’m less than a mile from Baum, go figure.) I did watch game 2 on SEC+.

We have all the radio affiliates listed at this link: http://www.wholehogsports.com/uabsbrsn19/

Thanks, Matt. I’ve updated the F.A.Q. thread. BTW, I couldn’t find any reference to that article in the listing of baseball articles dating back to early fall ball. I couldn’t find it in the board topics either.

I’m glad to have the link!