What pitchers do we have left

I can’t keep track of who we used, didn’t use.
Do we have enough arms in the pen to make this work?

It’ll be an inning here, an inning there from several. I suspect Evan Lee will get some substantial time.

Phil said Alberius was warming up at the end this morning. He’ll probably get plenty of time too, IMO and might even start.

(I go on duty at 7 am so I turned off the video after the third inning and went to sleep. Woke up just before 3 and checked my phone. The fans were calling the Hogs after Gates’ homer. Listened to the rest from the Hog app.)

Anyone know the status of Mo St pitching? I can’t imagine it’s too good or they wouldn’t have given up 11 runs to us, but still it was their 3rd game and our 4th. Tonight it’s 4 & 5. I know we’re down to almost no one. Some of those on short leashes last night & yesterday will have to pitch better today. But does Mo St have anyone not in the same position?

Could Stephan work an inning? IDK how Arkansas does it, but I know Randy Johnson pitched in relief on short rest in the playoffs a couple times.

No idea. I was wondering if they might bring back their Friday starter, but he went 5 1/3 innings against Okie Lite. Although in this situation they might bring him back anyway.

The only guy I see on their stat sheet who’s started a game and might be available has an ERA of 11. And for all I know he’s injured anyway.

Now that I think about it, Knutson, normally one of their weekend starters, came out of the bullpen both Friday and Saturday but didn’t go very long. I bet they start him.

I have no idea what the norm is for NCAA Tourney pitch distribution and recovery but here are a few candidates I am curious about:
Evan Lee
Weston Rogers

Lee-3 or 4 innings
Alberius-2 or 3 innings
Murphy, Kopps, Chadwick, Loeske, Taco could all give you an inning. Cronin/Kostyshock maybe a batter or two. Cronin has had a tough time finding the strikezone this weekend.

I’d be shocked and even a little disappointed in Stephan pitches. He threw a career high 116 pitches and will be on just 2+ days rest. He velo dropped off pretty good on Friday night as the game wore on, I’d be careful with him.

Where is Charley Boyce when you need him?

Where is Charlie Boyce when you need him?

Pachal Heat, Air and Geothermal


I’m proud the hogs won and have this to worry about. The pitching will be pieced together just like last night! I believe the young men have enough heart to pull another win out tonight. I just hope it’s over before midnight!
If Stephan threw an inning it may not hurt the rotation but no more than that.
The wet ball last night affected the pitchers as much as the other players. With Fort Worth region already delay to finish today or tomorrow it was should have been no big issue to suspend that game this morning at 1230 am and play it today! Jeff long has a little work to do on that issue!
I’m proud Gates got the homer. What a game.

Jeff Long had zero to do with this. The umps and the NCAA representative on site made the decision. DVH argued (correctly) that Taco and Reindl had had to pitch in the 8th with a wet ball, why should MSU have the advantage of coming back this morning with a dry ball? DVH knew it would have been a huge disadvantage to suspend the game and fortunately (for once) he won the argument.

I didn’t realize (because I was asleep at the time) that Knutson pitched last night for them. I thought he might start tonight. So now I have no idea who either team will start.

And it looks like Casey Rowlett is his right hand man. Haven’t heard that name in years.

Charley Boyce is in town. He runs a HVAC company, Paschal. He looks like he could still give you between 120 and 150 pitches! I figure Alberius gets a chunk today.

I do not think Stephan or Knight will pitch again. I’m guessing both would ask to go out there, but they are taking a big chance with their draft status so high.

Most of the others probably can give you an inning here or there. Van Horn said there may have to be a position player pitch an inning somewhere along the line. I would love to see Chad Spanberger go to the mound. He’s got a great arm. Wouldn’t that be something? Grant Koch has a great arm, too. But you are probably just fine keeping him behind the plate.

You’ve got to start the game with Alberius. He’s been in the weekend rotation before and is a rare redshirt senior. Unfortunately, you’re probably only looking at a couple innings from him because he’s already pitched a good amount. After that, you hope for an inning from Taco, an inning from Kopps, and maybe an inning from a guy like Lee. Everything else will be match ups and seeing who is on. Cronin would be a huge help if he finds his stuff, but he seems to have left it at home. Reminds me of the same situation in 2010 when we had our starter (Keuchel) and a few relief pitchers. Gets me excited to see who Van Horn goes with.

Casey is a friend of mine and went with me on Friday and is going with me tonight. Still a huge fan and supporter. Pretty interesting how many people recognized him on Friday night, 12 yrs after he last played.