What Our New Coach Will Inherit

Not counting any player who has or will enter the transfer portal, here is a breakdown of what our new coach will inherit (for clarification’s sake, I pulled these numbers directly off the listed roster on Arkansas Razorbacks. 21 True Sophomores

1 Red Shirt Sophomore

2 Red Shirt Juniors

16 Red Shirt Freshmen

23 True Juniors

35 True Freshmen

No one has really talked about this aspect of the whole “coaching search” scenario. I believe any coach worth his salt that is either interested in becoming our next head coach or figures he might get a call/interview, would take a long and hard look at these numbers. Bottom line, we have a VERY young football team. Of course I guess you could spin that as a positive and tell the new coach “Hey coach, yes, we have a young team, but that just means a greater opportunity for you and your staff to be able to come in immediately and begin to teach these young men how to play the game better than they ever have before. And the other thing that HAS been discussed a lot on here is how crucial it is to get a coach hired ASAP to IMMEDIATELY hit the recruiting trail.

Finally, if I may, I would like to add my last thoughts on the coaching search: I think Norvell will stay where he’s at. I think Campbell will get the Florida State job. I think Mike Leach stays at Washington State. I think Bill Clark, the current coach at UAB ends up getting Charlie Strong’s old job at USF. That pretty much leaves one man: Lane Kiffin. Love him or hate him, I think he checks all the boxes that HY is looking for. And if he is hired as our new HC, I think he should immediately go grab Charlie Strong to be our DC, and Rhett Lashlee to be his OC. Anyways, that’s my two cents worth. Anybody got change for a dollar? :smiley:

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Looks good. So you think Luke Fickell will stay at Cincy?

Yes I do. In another post somewhere on this message board I referenced an article written by someone in the press who was in Cincinnati, and he firmly believes Fickell will stay at Cincinnati. After reading this article, the reasons listed for him staying there made sense.

Nice job … thanks! Recruiting for current year is certainly a high priority but this young roster is the perfect situation to take advantage of the new transfer portal. Your predictions are very interesting as to where these coaches end up. Kiffin looks like the favorite to land at Arkansas but there is a new rumor that Kiffin and Campbell want 5 to 6 million to take Ark job. The smart hire to me is to pay the money and get Campbell who is the most solid hire of everyone being discussed ( winning young coach with the right experience and solid as a rock with no personal issues ).

Forget the two coord. Bring Briles and Shannon.

Is the 35 true freshmen number what CAN be signed in the current class? Is that where that number comes from?

I think we get Kiffin anounced Sat night or Sun and the 1st thing he has to find is a QB b/c we don’t have one unless he can perform miracles with Starkel who has the arm but has to improve in other areas and then find some Grown men on the LOS to give us a chance…
We are definently a work in progress but Rhule at Baylor proved it can be done pretty quickly for 1-11 to 11-1 in 2 yrs, although the SEC West is much tougher place to do it…I’m just excited to see new blood/vision in our program and hopefully we can speed up the process to getting back to respectability.

Campbell agreed to an extension through 2025 today

I’m not sure how many we can sign, but the 35 true freshmen is how many true freshmen are CURRENTLY on our roster (for this past 2019 season).

Kiffin likes dual threat qb’s. KJ is a shorter Jalen Hurts IMO. I also imagine that he would recruit the Criswell kid or some other qb that is not on our radar right now.

35 freshmen includes walk-ons. You can’t sign much more than 25 even with count-backs, and you don’t get extra signees if attrition takes you below 60 returning players.

Thanks for the clarification

I still think KJ Jefferson is our quarterback of the future, unless he follows Chad out the door. He may well battle Starkel for the job and win it.