What Musselman said looking ahead to 2020-21

Here is a rundown of what Eric Musselman said Wednesday looking ahead to the 2020-21 season. Also included a few notes from Justin Smith and Jalen Tate:

Thank you, thank you! I’ve been waiting with great anticipation to hear from coach Muss about this team. I don’t know how soon this team, with so many new faces, will gel. However, I’m still of the opinion they will be a very good team by the time the SEC schedule gets here. Maybe even before then.

It’s good to hear Muss continuing to say that Smith has been the most consistent player to this point.

I also liked hearing both Smith and Tate singling out KK in their responses. I’m hoping for pretty big things out of him this season. I believe he’s important to the level of success this team can have this season.

I’m so anxious for our first basketball game to get here!

See that Muss is trying to figure out who can play the role of Mason Jones on this team. This particular role is what I think determines where we land between 4th and 11th at the end of the season,

As Muss said when the offense breaks down, we need someone to create offense. That was Mason last year.

When we need a late game basket, we need a go-to-guy. That was Mason last year.

Moody seems to be the likely candidate. But I worry he has never done that in any of his three high school stops. More likely as a sophomore.

Could Vance Jackson be that guy? Most likely I think.

FWIW, I went to practice last year and JD Notae constantly made his way to the basket. Attacked the rim. I could definitely see him as someone that can get his shot off in late clock situations.

spoke with a friend yesterday, he’s heavily involved in hs basketball here, and has given me great info for years now. He told me how great Macon was going to be for us and lots of other solid info.

He’s very high on KK. describes him as “fast-really fast, like Kareem Reid fast”, and says he’s “a dog”.

I just can’t wait to see this team play, so happy with our coach and to see him put all these pieces together. and you know I’ve been waiting to see Connor Vanover play for the hogs…since he was on our swim team around 5th grade lol.


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