What Muss Wanted

I have no real insight. I do believe Muss got what he wanted Sat. He has a collection of talented players who have been use to winning almost on their own. They now know that is not going to happen. They all think they are God’s gift to the NBA. They now know that it is going to take more than talent to win. They know they had better start listening to Muss

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He obviously wanted his guys to compete and play better than they did Saturday, but I don’t think he was altogether surprised in any way by the result. He hit the nail on the head a few weeks back when he said the team was in for some eye-opening experiences early on. The foreign tour was a wake-up call for some players, and the Texas loss was just that for several others, including players with great expectations placed on them. It’s one game, and it didn’t count. It’s a learning experience. They’ll grow from it. It’s why the game was played.

Eric has made the comment that some think they’re gamers. Saturday showed you can’t just cruise behind closed doors then flip the switch. Have to be fully engaged any time the ball is rolled out.


They are young and mix of different programs and backgrounds so their learning curves will be different but Muss is a fair dictator in that If you do what he wants , you will figure it out and be able to flourish.

I certainly agree Coach will get a lot out of this loss.

The second half was hard to watch in person.

Seemed we were manhandled a lot by a veteran team.

We have a lot of length and talent, so you expect that coach can fix the O and D rebounding, and make team solid defensively.

Offensively, you wonder where the scoring will come from as it doesn’t seem we have a lot of pure shooters - or maybe just an off day.

Muss has said practice has indicated shooting is not a strength.


Yeah we definitely have heard him say that and that’s why our defense has got to become absolutely insanely good for us to be able to get out and show off our athleticism

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Agree. Got to have monster D.

Interesting discussion.

Can poor shooting teams win at a high level?

Hopefully we can improve the shooting

That’s exactly what I expected him to say, and I think that’s the real reason he took this exhibition. Better to have this happen when it doesn’t count, than to have it happen when it does.

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I think Musselman wanted his team to have a wake-up call. Texas delivered.

Yeah I understand, but I am betting he would have preferred to win this game and build the confidence in his players.


I do not recall many teams in the Final Four without shooters. None of the Arkansas teams that made the Final Four in the past lacked shooters.


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