What Mike Anderson said about Vitale

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You left out Mike’s comment about Vitale’s not making similar statements about the Duke player. Let’s keep everything in context.

Mike hinted at that but never actually said it. Finebaum cut him off during that part to clarify that he was talking about Vitale.

Mike sounds like he’s ready to tear Dicky V’s Sunday suit. As much as i’d like to see that, I know he can’t due to the age difference. Way past time to put that hyperactive blow hard out to pasture.

Dickie’s act is tired, it’s time for him to hang it up he had a ok run back in the 90’s.
Thanks CMA for standing up for your players and the program. I have watch both of these kids for the last 4 years (MK 4 DH 2) and have never seen them intentionally commit dirty plays. I will say Moses has frustrated me at times for talking to the officials - but dirty plays never.

Maybe someone should have reminded him about the Allen kid at Duke. I noticed he never said anything bad about him. Go figure.

Vitale the big-mouth whom have lost 80% of his voice for yelling nonsense is nothing but an a—licker of Duke and North-Carolina. He had his chance to pee on us and he did. Why him, those SEC officials and other media talk about MONK giving throat-slash to Arkansas bench, Which may have triggered the reaction.

I used to enjoy Dickie V. Can’t stand him now. It is like Verne on CBS football. The schtick is old.

Then he is a complete idiot on something like the physical play and drones on and on.

KY thinks they can bump every trip down the court and nothing will get called. KY wants to intimidate, and UA was not going to be intimidated. Barford set the tone (and I love it) but Dusty and Moses said “no” as well. Stand up for your teammates. Do not go down with a wimper. Do not let Monk be a punk towards your bench (twice, it seems) with the throat slash.

Monk better get to the NBA quickly because a trip to BWA arena might get really personal and ugly.

Players standing up for each other = a great sign. I don’t know what Mike said about it but I worry he didn’t say enough to support the players. You can always apologize later. You can always call Calipari today and say, “Hey, John, things got a bit out of hand yesterday and I just want you to know it isn’t personal and we respect the helluva out of your program. Hope to see you in the Final Four.” You can always “issue a statement.” But don’t ever tell your players to not stand up for each other. Do not let your team, coach, bench, etc., get punked.

Mike Anderson needs to listen to the complete game and he will really be angry? We don’t get the media coverage that Kentucky gets. Mike Anderson doesn’t get the media coverage and phone calls on selection Sunday like Cal. I would like to hear the resume of both coaches careers announced on TV. Mike Anderson has no vacated wins. Cal has many at two different schools! I’d say this Cal has no right to question anyone’s class or integrity about anything!

A completely over the top reaction by Vitale, and likely shows his age more than anything else, Two consecutive plays caused him to react in similar fashion to a silk stocking fan that typically watches one or two games a year from a box. Dick remains a person I admire and appreciate all he has done to popularize the game. In this instance he forgot his years of frustration with Detroit and later the Pistons. With all that Blue he likely was disoriented and thought he was watching his “Dukies”.

'Way to stay up for your guys, Mike!

Finebaum cut off the point he was making but MA did get part of it out. He mentioned Grayson Allen’s repeated fouls and that they were much worse because they were intentional.

He didn’t get to the rest of the point which I believe was going to be Vitale’s hypocrisy and promotion of Duke, who is led by one of the dirtiest players in college basketball history.

I can see leaving that part out because he didn’t get to finish it.

But, I agree with the other poster. Completely leaving the Grayson Allen mention out doesn’t tell the whole story. I would really like to know if the Duke Vitale hypocrisy was what he was getting to.

I’m sure MA’s availablity is limited this week but it would be interesting to know if that was the point he was making.

That was one of the biggest takeaways of the interview and it was glossed over.

And, for that reason, leaving Grayson Allen completely out of the story leaves it lacking.

Great posts…I hate the sound of Dick Vitale calling games…this dude is so over rated. I like the SEC guys way better. They don’t show favoritism towards any school when they are calling the games. In the word of Mr. Vitale himself, it time baby to get Away from the game with a capital A…way to go Mike Anderson…but we really know…wink…wink…wink…

Vitale has been good for the sport and the sport has been very good to Vitale. But that train has left the station and its time for him to step down, he has lost perspective and shows favoritism on a national stage and its wrong. WPS

Vitale was that way long before he got too old to wipe his butt without both hands and a flashlight. You watch him call a game between ky and one of his ACC teams and ky will get the same treatment we got.

Finebaum missed a huge opportunity to capture a classic moment, because he was so interested in directing the conversation + protecting Vitale from criticism.

I don’t really get the Vitale outrage over a couple of hard fouls. Big deal…this is college basketball. It is not supposed to be high school or junior high ball. This is typical of our soft society. Let’s go to the monitor with the refs and see if anybody was disrespected or got tapped. What a bunch of BS. Man up…this is college basketball.

Dick Vitale is such a homer for Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina. His eyes glaze over when he works any game for either of those 3 teams. I have not heard Dickie V say a word about the probation that is coming to the Tar Heels for the cheating they were doing in the classroom going all the way back to Dean Smith. How the NCAA lets North Carolina play for the NCAA Championship is an outrage. They should have been on probation by now.

Vitale is to basketball what the Boz was to college football. But Brian Bosworth apparently outgrew the Boz. Vitale has not grown up from the same old shtick from 40 years ago. College basketball was once better because of Dickie V., but those days are long gone. Wish him the best, but refuse to listen to him any more.