What might have been

Here is a good story on Brandon Nimmo and Greg Bird, and their Arkansas connection: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/13/spor … -mets.html

Really cool story.
Thanks, Matt

Just curious…in a deal like this do they (or any others who go pro vice come to school) still consider Ark their “school” so to speak…keep in touch with DVH, follow the team, etc.?

Nimo worked out in the offseason at Arkansas for a season or two after signing. But I don’t think he was around this past winter.

I think most cheer for that team because they were committed for two or three years, and during the recruiting process made friends with several of the players that did make it to campus.

In Nimmo’s case, he became real close to James McCann, who lived in Fayetteville until earlier this year. Brandon spent a lot of time here during the fall and winter working out with James and Mike Strouhal, the Razorbacks’ former strength coach.