What might have been

I think if Arkansas had lost last night, Baum-Walker Stadium might have been hosting a super regional this week between Nebraska and NC State. How odd would that have been?

There is no way to know for sure, but it was my understanding before that game last night it was being considered. After seeing the NCAA place the Dallas Baptist-Virginia regional in South Carolina this week, I think it might have happened.

I can live at peace the rest of my days never really knowing the answer! :grin:


The options, I think, would have been here or Greenville, NC, since ECU is vacating its ballpark and going to Vandy. Greenville is 84 miles east of Raleigh.

I had assumed it would be here (hypothetically) if we lost once North Carolina State wrapped up the Ruston Regional. It goes back to when I asked a question about the super regional site last week, using the Starkville and South Bend Regionals as an example. Those of us who requested tickets to our regional also requested tickets for the potential super regional here at the same time (some may have only asked for the regional, but the vast majority no doubt asked for both). Would we have been stuck with tickets to a super regional we suddenly had no interest in?

I tend to think the university would have let us out of those super regional tickets if we didn’t want them (which would be most people, probably), but I still wonder what would have happened. Just glad it didn’t.

No way, man. Buy those tickets and put them on StubHub for four times what you paid for them; guaranteed some Husker fans would have produced a tidy profit for you for the drive down I-29/I-49.

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