What might have been..

Where would our team be this season if------Perry had signed, if Hall had not transferrer, if Phillips has started the season healthy and not transferred, if Garland had been cleared to play…but then if frogs had wings then they would not bump their-------

Prob wouldn’t have Mason Jones, right?

Probably still would have, I always assumed he was CJ Jones replacement, which CJ was basically shown the door.

There’s not doubt that during Mike’s tenure there have been some unfortunate events that have unfolded, starting first with Qualls leaving and then the aftermath to now. And, I know it is really hard to recruit, but that’s what Mike can control. He has to be prepared for the unfortunate events. He hasn’t been prepared. That’s the problem. He needs the one and one approach. Not necessarily in terms of NBA talent, but in terms of mentality for recruiting. He needs to assume he needs to replace 5 players every year and recruit like 5 are leaving. The numbers will work out. They either perform or are shown the door. People might say that’s not how you “build” a program, but in this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to “build” a program, so just start recruiting 5 every year.

I believe his volume recruiting after Qualls left, shows Mike has learned his lesson.

BTW, his bad luck started in Game 3 of his first season. Marshawn Powell started the season with a bang scoring 35 points as a PF (I highlight PF) and tore up his ACL before Game 3. And he being one of the few returning scorers, it derailed his first season.

What if we had hired Bill Self instead of Stan Health? As long as we are gonna play that game…that one still hurts…

You could write a book about the what ifs.
The one fact that’s certain this team is young and some of the dead weight needs to hit the road! I’m glad we have Mason Jones. He will make a huge impact in the nest 2 years. Joe will improve off the bounce and we all know he can shoot the ball. The 4 and 5 need depth 2 deep at each spot and we are in dire need of a point guard that can play defense and stay in front of our opponents point guard and capable of scoring. A point guard that can’t hit the 3 or mid range isn’t going to get the job done as we have witnessed this season.
Nothing can change the past but we can all have hope for next season. From this point until the SEC tournament my hope is for our hogs to make the NIT and win a few games.
The recruiting that happens and roster changes will need to take place for the hogs to get better. They can’t lose Gafford and pick just a few players. The dead weight has to hit the road.
Bill Self while some think it hurt to not hire him well he’s right in the cross hairs of the FBI scandal and may end up fired before it’s all said and done. I don’t like the Kleenex man.
What I would so ticked off about was the BOT and AD don’t give CMA the job when Nolan was finished. That’s the real what if !

There isn’t any solid ground for hope next year, st least not until we sign a good class the next couple months. Then maybe, but’s it’s dark right now. The next 2-3 months will make next season and his future .

You are right about the need to sign 3 or 4 more but equally it’s important to make roster changes. If the hogs depend on Gabe and Adrio for contributions next season I don’t get it. Gabe is a train wreck and he is hard to watch when he touches the ball. Adrio scares me around the basket on offense. He simply fakes until he’s totally surrounded. They are both good for committing fouls 90 feet from the basket and late in the shot clock. Which burns me up. I would rather see the young freshmen get the minutes because it’s my opinion they won’t make the dance but a shot to make the NIT. So yes next year!

Take a few minutes to read CMA’s preview of Auburn.
He states about Gabe, “ no doubt, he’s an impact player off our bench “.
That say a lot about our coach!

Go Hogs!

In all fairness, I agree, with both of you. Mike can’t control the past, only the future. And right now, he has to sign some more depth/talent. Not 1 or 2, but 3 to 5 if they can replace what we have. And, he needs to replace a coach. We need someone that can teach the bigs how to rebound and box out and can recruit like hell. Mike is a fine coach. His failure it what he surrounds himself with on and off the court.

This is something I’ve never understood. What is he supposed to say - “he sucks?”

There are times to be critical of a player and times to call them out.

There are very, very few times it is good to do so publicly.

So yes, it does say something about the man he is.

But we’ll have absolutely nothing to do with whether he is retained or fired.

People went nuts om here when Tom Crean through his entire Georgia team under the bus, then backed up and ran over them again.

The only difference Dudley, two days later Tom gets a commitment from a 5 star with 2 top 100 already signed. We don’t even have a top 100 mention us.

The post had to do with praising or criticizing a player, not recruiting.

CMA shows class and he won’t throw a player under the bus like Tom Cream and he also won’t allow an announcer to do it either. Refer to Dick Vitale calling Moses a mouse. He owns the results of a game without stopping to those levels like many others. He shows the same class in a win or a loss.

The reason MA was not hired when Nolan left was because things were not going well in the program. Nolan was either burned out or just gotten lazy with the recruiting. If you hire Anderson at that time I don’t think he would have lasted long because the expectations were so high at that time. Besides why fire or Buy out the head coach and hire his assistant.

Maybe what it says a lot about, sadly, is our bench!

I’m learning to judge coaches by what they do, rather than what they say. Unfortunately I’ve been slow to learn that lesson.

Dudley makes a good point. What’s CMA supposed to say in that situation?

That said, Gabe O is averaging 13 minutes a game. He is being relied upon as an impact player off our bench. It speaks to where we are as a program.