What magic does Mike Neighbors possess?

He obviously has the “it”. Loved…to paraphrase him…discussion of identity and culture. Looking back at reports when he was hired all pundits knew he was a tremendous hire. What makes him so special from a personal and basketball standpoint? Any comparisons to a men’s coach I could identify with for comparison?

That game last night was pure joy. It was great, pure fundamental basketball with poor SEC officiating peppered in as well.

Interesting how a few games can create such opinions. They had lost 8 or 9 prior to the SECT and searching for solutions.

It is a matter of Dundee getting hot late in the season and at SECT, just about everyone, Monk, Tollfree and Mason ar shooting lights out.

Reminds me of how Joe Johnson led Hogs got hot late and won the SECT.

There is no magic to it. Just like there is no magic to men’s team playing well starting with the Kentucky game. The men three point shooters are just hot. If the ball is going into the basket, everything looks good including the fundamentals you mention.

CMN said it best, we have our identity but our culture will take time lots of time. Referenced that slump losing 8 of 9 toward the end of season & working to figure it out. But never giving up. Getting hot and peaking at the right time the key.
Listening to him talk you can understand why the team trusts him and he trusts them & gets every ounce of hustle from them as well.
Watching these girls play is exciting and fun.

He’s been trying to score 100 recently, so there is that.

My opinion of him was not formulated over just the past few games.
He has a reputation as a tremendous recruiter, and motivator. And he is an analysis geek. You should read his bio online.
Anyone who’s watched games, including the losses, can see that he has the team a a whole different level than what we have had before.
They are tremendously out-sized right now but he is rectifying that in recruiting.

He’s been a good friend for a long time.

We had many late-night basketball conversations back in the day.

He is a basketball junkie - eats, drinks and sleeps it

Well, Mike Neighbors has proven that he was what the Ladybacks needed. Congratulations to all the players and Mike and all the coaching staff. This clearly is a program on the rise.

Good luck in the finals. WPS.

Neighbors is a really good in-game coach. Even during the losing streak he had the team close in most games, against teams that have much more talent and/or experience.

I think his style works well in a tournament setting like this, similar to how Nolan’s did. A team that runs and is well conditioned holds up well and gets into the legs of the other team. Arkansas looked like the fresher team down the stretch tonight.

He told the his players in a late timeout that they were built for this and the other team isn’t! He instilled confidence and motivates his players. He did an outstanding job last year too! It didn’t result in as many wins. This season the ladies have fought hard and played hard.
For example at Missouri earlier in the season they were getting open shots but just couldn’t knock em down. They lost that game and other games like it! He doesn’t change no matter what the score is or who the opponent is he is constantly motivation and building his team up.
He can recruit and players want to play for him!
Win or lose tomorrow he has the hogs headed in a very positive direction.
I enjoy watching them play.

Goo do to hear that because this guy has been impressive even through the losing period.

The magic is what you mentioned, fundamental basketball mixed with talent and desire will create wins. We will continue to get better through the years with coach Neighbors I do believe, sure like his approach. WPS

Do you think he would do a good job coaching the men?
Would his style translate well?
Would he even consider that change?
Would HY consider it?

There it is…you just knew this one was coming…WINNAH!

This was also suggested in Jimmy Dykes’s first season as coach here. Obviously, Jeff Long did not take that up.

When that didn’t happen, some suggested that Mike should ask Dykes to his practices and teach rebounding and defense. That was not considered either.

But you never know. We have a new AD with very little history and loyalty to any coach. It is worth an email to HY.