What kind of facility are we playing in at Ft. Bliss?


The Joshua W. Soto Physical Fitness Center. According to the EOE website, capacity will be about 1,200.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://bliss.armymwr.com/programs/josh … ess-center”>https://bliss.armymwr.com/programs/joshua-w-soto-physical-fitness-center</LINK_TEXT>

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wow hard to believe…looks like a HS Gym… :shock:

It’s not even that. Soto Center ain’t designed as a competitive facility. It’s a fitness center for the soldiers and their families. They’re just dropping college basketball in there for one night; probably have brought in portable bleachers. Just like they did when Michigan State and three other teams opened their season on an aircraft carrier; that flight deck wasn’t a competitive facility either.

very strange!

It’s not strange consider the primary use!
This isn’t an entertainment facility. You can feel certain that the troops will greatly appreciate seeing a game on post live in person.

I wonder who the Troops will root for? Probably the local team TX I guess.
Or maybe whoever is the most exciting at any given moment, ie Gafford’s windmill dunks!

Thanks for the responses. I had visions of a big old airplane hangar.

ESPN does these made-for-tv matchups at military bases every year, typically from the base rec center but occasionally from a carrier deck. I think a year or two ago the Aggies played on a base facility in Germany. The network pays the teams’ expenses and the military gets some free publicity for hosting.

Do troops make up majority of the crowd?

Military base that size I’m sure has a o lot military personell as well as contract civilians on base. Not sure about active duty troops unless they are there training before deployment. Plus boot camps for new enlistments.

Fort Bliss doesn’t host Basic Training. There’s a range there for big guns. Tough place to go camping in the winter. A lot colder than you would think.

The pregame notes from the EOE website indicate that it will be completely military. Our game notes don’t even have the name of the facility or capacity, only that it’s Fort Bliss. Nice effort there guys.

Here’s the scene:


I don’t know what I was thinking…this is for the troops…duh.yes they will very much appreciate some entertainment.

I made it to Soto Gym a few minutes ago. Here’s a video of the setup:


Glad the Hogs can provide entertainment for our Troops. I like this.