What kind of crowd will we have in North Carolina

I knew we would have a good crowd in Stillwater but North Carolina’s a lot further away. I’m wondering how much red will be in that crowd of Columbia Blue.

I doubt many. Probably players’ families & a few Arkies who live in NC. But even if we could have as many as a 100, they could probably make enough noise to compete with the maybe 3,000 NC fans who’ll be there.

We sold 600 tickets, we’ll be represented.


Wow. That’s good. I had no idea we’d have that many there. I didn’t even know we could get that big an allotment.

Yeah Aaron Fitt on the podcast yesterday said that the NC crowd is not really a
great baseball crowd and they would probably admit to that. They could get rowdy if they got up early but they could easily be taken out of the game.I know we’re not usually fast starters that’s the bad part LOL but it would be great if we could.

That’s the standard allotment for NCAA postseason. For regionals, 600 is divided up among the three visiting teams. For the super, the visitor gets all 600.

I put in a request and didn’t get it because all 600 were distributed to those higher on the RF totem pole than I am, but ricepig was high enough to get his request and passed them on to me. So ncschwartz3650 and I will be going. I just had a very nice conversation with Mrs. ncschwartz.


Awesome the weather forecast is changed and it’s supposed to be beautiful for the weekend in the daytime anyway… y’all have a great time… hopefully Connor can have a great start and the bats will stay hot this weekend.


Weather Channel predicts overnight rain Saturday night but only 20% chance Sunday afternoon.

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Yeah that had changed …yesterday it was like 50-60% for daytime tomorrow. So I’m glad it did.

Let me know if you find another Hog fan who is looking for a ticket.

I still haven’t received final e-Mail from ticket office or see it in my account on-line, but am told it’s on the way.

Will do. Ricepig already got his email and the transfer is complete (had to go through the UNC ticket site to do it; fortunately I’d already created a UNC account in case I had to hit their public sale yesterday which never happened).

Just got our email. (fyi, it will be an email coming from university of NC, they won’t be in your account)

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