What kind of 3 point shooters are we bringing in

I know we have brought in the best recruiting class in the history of the program but outside of Pinion, what kind of 3-point shooters are they? One of the biggest weaknesses of this year’s team was we could not hit the 3 and we had no real reliable inside Threat. Smith looks like he has a nice stroke, I think Walsh can hit the 3. I have seen Black mainly just take the ball to the hole.

We are going to have to be able to hit the 3 next year or we’re going to kind of back in the same boat unless we can bring in an inside presence on offense.

The only stats I can find on Black is from sophomore year, when he shot 22% from deep. But his game has developed a great deal since then.

Nick shot 29% from deep as a freshman (same source).

I can’t find any stats on Walsh but one profile said 3-point shooting was a strength.

Yeah I don’t think we can count on Black being much of a 3 point shooter, the only one he tried in that practice scrimmage that I put on here yesterday was about a foot to the left of the goal off the backboard! He has a nice looking stroke but I think his game is all about flashing and dashing to the rack and he is very good in that area. The 3 is such a big part of the game now we need to work hard at being able to do that next year because it hurt us a lot this year.

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