What Jimmy Carter Learned

Well he wanted us know that Kevaughn Allen is from Little Rock but no mention that Jaylen Barford is a Jackson Tennessee native or remind us that Dusty is also a Little Rock native. I wonder why.

I’m sure he will see this and answer, but I don’t get the question I guess.

I can assure you that he - or nobody here - has an agenda.

Having covered all three of them during the recruiting process, I can assure you they are all three very nice klds.

One just happened to go elsewhere. Doesn’t make him a bad person anymore than it does Jaylen coming here.

Thank you

It’s just a journalism thing to note stuff like that. I added it without even thinking twice about it, honestly. Him being from Arkansas is part of the story when he plays Arkansas. You heard the TV guys mention it a few times.

Say C.J. Jones plays well against Alabama next year. I’d expect AL.com to note that he’s a Birmingham native. When Kevin Durant came back to OKC last month, it was obviously all about him being a former Thunder player who chose to go elsewhere.

Hopefully that explains it. Thanks for reading.

It’s ALWAYS a story when a native son plays against the Razorbacks. Always has been, always will be. Plenty of people in the state know these kids and follow them. Ignoring their heritage would be poor journalism.

Hunting for hidden agendas is hypersensitive.

I’m scratching my head over this one. Let it roll off your back El Presidente’. You’re a fine sportswriter. You know it I know it and almost every reader of this board knows it.

I always remember Keith Carter, from Perryville, coming back with Ole Miss and just hammering us for 4 years, it seems.

For those of you on Jimmy you should consider he writes good stories and would do nothing to discredit the hogs. I personally enjoy his stories. I also enjoy what Richard and Dudley do. If you want something to complain about get on the ADG over the front page of Sunday’s paper. Or the writer of the story on Florida’s coach, Mike White on game day where we are going to Florida to play!

Thank you all. I have been sufficiently admonished, corrected, reprimanded and taken to the woodshed.
Now on to the next time we lose and I take it out on Jimmy. That’s what they get for inviting comments or discussions in the forum.

Oh well :wink:

Way to man up jwat2000!

Disintegrated mean to take anyone behind the woodshed but also didn’t want Jimmy thrown under the Bus!

I did not mean to have anyone feel as if they were taken behind a wood shed but my intent was to keep someone from throwing Jimmy under the bus! Try that one on Wally and some days you might get by with it none of the other guys!

Hey, this is fun entertainment stuff. Army Hog, we seem to share a bond of service. I love the Hogs but this is no where near serious. Jimmy is a great sports writer and based on his background, my little comments don’t ruffle him at all. Heck when we lose the first thing my wife says is go online and get it off your chest. Leave me and the dog alone.