What is your favorite football game you attended?

I’m piggybacking on all the great responses we had last week about the best touchdowns.

From an Arkansas perspective, the best game I think I’ve been to was the 2007 game at LSU. The game was obviously entertaining, but what I remember most was how eery it was in Baton Rouge after the game that night. Everyone thought LSU’s national championship hopes had ended. In fact, Jim Hawthorne, the LSU radio announcer, said of the interception on the final play: “LSU’s national championship aspirations are over.” Verne Lundquist said: “The dream dies for LSU.”

Typically when you walk out of Tiger Stadium there are still parties going on in the tailgate areas. There was just no one to be found after that game.

It took a weird sequence of events the next week to get LSU back into the championship picture, and the Tigers became the only two-loss national champion.

A couple of honorable mentions for me would be the Miracle on Markham and the Henry Heave. My frame of reference is about 28 years.

The Arkansas basketball game that stands out to me is against Tennessee on Georgia Tech’s campus at the SEC Tournament in 2008. That was a weird scene. I had Kentucky fans offering me hundreds of dollars for my game pass outside the arena that morning.

There are a lot of baseball games, but probably none more memorable than the regional game vs. Missouri State that lasted until 3:10 a.m.

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The game in which the Hogs beat Ole Miss. 6-0 I think in 53. They were ranked top 10 and we were rebuilding from bad seasons. Preston Carpenter caught a TD pass for the games only score. It was in WMS.

When I was covering high school sports in NWA, I got my hands on a couple of tickets to the Arkansas-TCU game in Fort Worth in 2016. That game was mad. The highs and lows were unbelievable. The 4OT game vs. Auburn in 2015 was really tense, too. Then a few weeks later watching Dak Prescott and Brandon Allen battle it out in RRS was awesome.

I grew up in south central Arkansas and rarely went to games until I became a student at Arkansas in 2011.

EDIT: I also went to the Cotton Bowl vs. Kansas State in Jan. 2012 - what turned out to be Bobby Petrino’s last game here. I was a freshman in college and it was my first trip to Cowboy Stadium. That was a fun night.

October 20, 1979 Arkansas defeated Texas at War Memorial Stadium 17-14. The game was televised on ABC and me and my friend Bubba Hargrove made TV that day playing the Razorback fight song on our kazoo’s. The atmosphere was electric and when the clock ran out we stayed in the stands for a long time celebrating the win over the Longhorns. I remember Kevin Scanlon (and many other players) circling the field waving and thanking the fans. Somewhere in my old VHS collection I have that game taped (including our performance of the fight song). It was a great, great day to be a Hog.


My frame of reference is much smaller that that of many here. I’ve only been to two games in Little Rock and neither was that significant. And I have been to only a few away games, and no notable bowl games (unless you count the times that I froze.)

The best game that I attended has to be Tennessee Redemption in 1999. After the game, Daddy and I sat in our seats for a long time watching the goal post come down and be carried off the field.

I’ve been to several significant baseball games. The middle of the night defeat of SMS was fun. So were all of the games that sent the Hogs to the CWS. But there is a tie for the most memorable.

  • Brady Toops grand slam vs Wichita State (2004) and the resulting victory solidified the sport in Arkansas and is still deemed the most important game in the history of Baum Walker stadium.
  • The Arkansas victory over Virginia at the 2009 CWS was an amazing game. It took a 2 run homer by Eibner in the 9th inning (with 2 out) to send the game to extra innings. Keuchel came in to relieve in the bottom of the 9th and had to get out of trouble in the 10th, 11th and 12th before winning in the twelfth. Of course Arkansas was then out of pitching and lost vs. eventual winner LSU, but that game was incredible.
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Without a doubt the most fun I’ve had at a football game was #22 Alabama at Arkansas in 1998. Worst Alabama loss in 40 years. I just remember laughing through that fourth quarter, and apologizing to the Alabama fans next to us for laughing. I regret that. The apologizing, that is.


One of my favorite games was the Hogs win over Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl in 78. Lou Holtz suspended several star players and we were big underdogs. Great game plan for Arkansas. Roland Sales ran for over 200 yards. Defense played great and the Hogs rolled over the Sooners.
It was a great trip to Miami for me and a couple of buddies. Had a blast before, during and after the game. Oklahoma thought they would win easily and probably weren’t mentally prepared for the game. We enjoyed seeing them get ripped apart. I think they were #1 at the time.


WMS - The Grovey-Andre Ware shootout.
RRS - 98 vs. bama. Just beat the crap out of bama that day. Florida in 2016 was fun as well.
Road - Matt mentioned it above, 2007 vs. LSU. That was always a great trip after thanksgiving, hate that they moved it.

Basketball - 92 vs. LSU. My brother came up and we managed to get on the second row of the student section. My ears rang for two days.

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Wasn’t all that significant a game, but the Baylor game in 1981 at WMS was a shootout for the era; we won on a last play field goal, 41-39.

I attended both Miracles on Markham but the first one was more memorable. The Texas game in '81 was great, and the Texas game in '79. The LSU game in '14 too, breaking the SEC losing streak and going on the field with my son. Hard to pick from among those. But I’d have to give the nod to 42-11, tear those goalposts down.

Honorable mention: If Julian Horton had scooped and scored on that blocked punt, the Sugar Bowl against Tattoo U would have been at the top of the list.

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I added two baseball games to my list.

The Cotton Bowl win over Texas was wonderful, the rematch with Tennessee in 1999 was so gratifying, and I’ll never forget sitting in the end zone in the game LDHog referenced.

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And we won’t mention the obvious honorable mention: Omaha, June 27, 2018.

Yes, I was there. But I still don’t want to remember it.

Yep. I know you were.

The best Fayetteville game was the 42-11 beat down of the #1 Longhorns in 1982, Of the Little Rock games, the last SWC Texas game 14-13, the domination of the Texas in the rain 31-7, and the Matt Jones win against Nick Saban coached LSU. Of the bowl games, the 1969 Sugar Bowl, a 16-2 upset of top 5 Georgia.

I have hopes that CSP can add to this list.

Not one, but a string of three favorites—getting to see, in person, THREE STRAIGHT wins over EOE-A: the last time we played while in the SWC, the 1/1/00 Cotton Bowl win, and the 2003 victory in Austin. The latter had what, in my opinion, is the best “almost” touchdown in Razorback history, when Matt Jones broke loose for a 65-70 yard run, only to be caught from behind and knocked OB at about the UT one-half yard line.

Easy one for me. The 1978 Orange Bowl. Ark 31-OU 6.

I’ve seen a lot of great ones, including that ‘79 win over Texas in WMS & both “miracles on Markham.” Was at the big win over Houston in 1989 & the 2000 Cotton Bowl. Was at the 2Ot win against Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Was also at the 1974 win over USC in WMS. The most heartbreaking loss I’ve seen in person was in 1969. No need to say more.

Football - Can’t get it down to one, so:

Texas 1971 Little Rock (I was 8) - Rained most of the game. At that time you dressed up to go to games and I was in my “church clothes.” Favorite moment was when Texas fired a cannon on the sideline and made one of their own players jump offsides!

Texas 1979 Little Rock - Great game. I was so horse after the game. A girl I went to the game with still makes fun of me to this day for banging my Hog Hat on the bleacher seat to make noise.

Texas 1981 in Fayetteville - I yelled “snap it over his head” right before the deep snapper snapped the ball over the punters head early in the game. My friends thought I was magic!

Baylor 1981 in Little Rock - 41-39 final score if I remember. It pretty much came down to who ever had the ball last, and we did!

LSU in Little Rock (2009?) - the game where we passed for a 80 yard TD on the last play of the first half.

OK, on to basketball -

North Carolina in Pine Bluff - enough said

Kansas in Fayetteville - not sure of the year, early in Nolan’s time. I got back from the game, called my mom and said “Arkansas basketball is back!”

Kentucky in Fayetteville - 1992? The one where we hit a half court shot at the end of the first half and one by 1 or 2 points.

Haven’t really been to any really big baseball games. Had a lot of fun at some, but no single baseball game sticks out.

That was Reggie Garrett with the half-court shot on Super Bowl Sunday 1995, and one of two great games between those teams that year. Kentucky came back from a big deficit to win at the SEC Tournament in Atlanta a couple of months later. There were 30,000-plus there, which is still a tournament record for attendance.

The '95 games were really the height of the Arkansas-Kentucky rivalry; it began tapering off the next year. But that was part of a stretch when either Arkansas or Kentucky were in the Final Four seven times in nine years, but never in the same year. Those were great teams and fun games. I never was able to see one in person, though.