What is wrong at LSU that they cannot get, develop, and/or keep decent QB's........................

…in almost all of their history? That state produces more NFL players per capita than any other. Plenty of great QB’s have come from there but almost all have gone initially or ended up elsewhere. Joe Ferguson, Doug Williams, Dak Prescott, Terry Bradshaw, and many others. The rating of their QB recruits in the past has been respectable but they just don’t develop them or keep them very well at all. Is it that they have too much talent at other positions and won’t let the QB’s carry the load? I am serious with this question and wonder what the real answer is?

In this case, based on practice reports, Burrow is head and shoulders better than the holdovers. He’s got two years of eligibility, and its not real likely that he would only play one year and then declare for the draft.

McMillan is a junior who can grad transfer and play immediately. He would have exhausted his eligibility at the same time as Burrow. He also was thought to be a bit behind Brennan as well.

Narcisse is an RPO guy who has not played in a couple of years after tearing up his knees in high school. He was very highly rated before he got hurt, but he’s not been in a game in a while and was not likely to get much action this year, which he badly needs to develop as a college player. So he’s going to play JC.

McMillan and Narcisse were the best two running threats among the LSU QBs, and certainly LSU has had more run/pass guys the last ten years or so than pro-style. I wonder if part of the problem with QB development is that they keep recruiting run/pass guys but also have an offensive system where the QB is not asked to be a dual threat.

They are one injury away from being in a desperate situation at quarterback. This also effects their practice quality. Who is their defense going to practice against? Certainly not one of their top two QB’s. Remember Bama had to steal ASU’s star QB recruit just to have someone their defense can go full speed against in practice when they had a couple of QB’s transfer out earlier this year.

They’ve got a walk-on from Little Rock, Andre Sale, to do some of the practice stuff. Sale played at Catholic High and then went to Tennessee Tech for a while. He’s a tall kid who was a pretty good high school QB, but LSU will be in a world of hurt if he has to play any meaningful snaps.

Wait until they go to the intramural fields for bodies in middle of season.