What is with the mask?

I understand that, Robbie, but I don’t see the need for personal attacks. This pandemic has hit us all, and we all are in recovery mode now.
Some of us are just ready to get on with our lives. We lost a lot of freedoms the last 2 plus years. I hope we can get them back.
Do I wish I hadn’t started this thread…yes. Nobody cares what I think (or so I thought), nor should they. My thoughts are only my own, but I’m a big boy, and I can handle people disagreeing with me. I just don’t get the personal attacks.


I am so sorry man. Heartbreaking stuff. Thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.


Thank you, I really appreciate you. Wishing you and your wife well as you both continue to navigate these serious health issues during an ongoing pandemic.

Reading some of these posts though, the lack of empathy exhibited by some… Is disgusting.

I have other stories but I’ll leave it at that.

Goldsurfer hit the nail on the head. Petri dish indeed.


Jeremy, don’t ridicule people unless you walk in their shoes!!

Go tell that to the Mayo clinic. But what do they know right? I doubt they are on the Fox News approved list of hospitals.


LOL. Amen.

Here we go again…

The people who think masks “don’t work” are the ones who have accessed that hidden vein of knowledge which has somehow escaped the world’s smartest and most respected scientists.



Yeah funny how five minutes on Facebook and what Joe Rogan says is more important than medical research.

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It has been politicized like everything else. Masks are seen as something the big, bad government wants that strips away personal freedoms. The reptile brains in people think that losing personal freedoms can’t happen, so they lash out against masks. If you don’t think certain TV networks and many politicians exploit our reptile-brains to attract viewers and voters, you need to read up on it. Google “reptile theory.” Been used for decades — McCarthy and communism, etc. Masks, and many other current issues (real or fabricated — especially fabricated) are used to appeal to our reptile brains.

Ok, out before thread is deleted. LOL.

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I’m sticking to sports on this site. Wish I had never started this thread. Matt or Marty, please close it.


Maestro with all due respect, I think you’ve crossed the line into politics that we have agreed not to cross.


No Politics crossed into public health or at least Murdock allowed his media company to engage in a debunking campaign that has left us with far too many deaths, chronic health issues, and worse, public health’s credibility down the toilet. Yes, I too have lost friends, seen bizarre reactions to prevention measures, and despite vaccinations, boosters, and self imposed isolation, I suffered a month long bout with COVID that required an eight-day-stay in UAMS. I continue to experience residual problems and likely will for sometime. COVID is not political.