What is with the mask?

At the press conference. No one is within 10 feet of Kerr. This is ridiculous at this point, but I still see geniuses driving next to me masked solo in their car.


Perhaps a cry for help.

He had COVID this past week. Cleared but taking extra measures to protect team. Smart.

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Not if that is a cloth mask.

What does having on a mask driving solo have to do with the picture you chose to display?
Wearing a mask solo in a car is indeed useless. And silly.
Wearing a mask at a press conference if you just had covid or if you are immunocompromised, or if you are simply cautious is NOT useless. Nor silly.

I just had covid. I gave it to Mary, who is immunocompromised. It kicked her butt for almost 5 weeks. I got it from a student that was unmasked and contagious. And yes, we are fully vaxxed.

Yes, I have thin skin about this. I don’t think people should be joking about this stuff. Period. I know too many people that are DEAD from Covid. And it really set back my wife. It’s not funny.


So sorry Maestro. Your response to the OP hit home for me as well with trying to prevent a former breast CA wife and very frail father in law from getting Covid the last 2 years. I so much appreciate your struggle with this. Tell your wife hang in there.


total da statement by an uninformed never had to see real Covid consequences, Guess what Jeremy, new viral attacks all the time, Check out monkeypox in the US now. Do you know how long covid can survive on cold metal? respiratory floating time? how many folks in his audience are especially vulnerable either chronic or acute? damn good move by Kerr.


Celtics fan here. I sure wish Al Horford took more precautions.

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“COVID-19 infections continue to rise, driven by new and more infectious omicron subvariants, waning immunity from both vaccines and previous infections and fewer people masking up, health officials said at a White House briefing Wednesday.“

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You may want to have your devices scanned, then immediately change your passwords.

Some insensitive a.s.s.hole has obviously hacked your HI account.

Don’t know where you get your COVID news updates, but most experts agree:

  1. BA.2.12.1 is even more transmissible than predecessors BA.2 & Omicron.

  2. Our immunities (from prior infections or vaccines) are waning over time.

  3. New cases are up in many parts of our country.

  4. Still awaiting to see how lagging indicators (hospitalizations/deaths) will trend.

Even the dimmest of bulbs can look at this and reasonably conclude things may very well take a step backwards this fall/winter.

I suspect you may not be a big mask wearer/supporter, but don’t be surprised if some recently-discontinued mitigation measures don’t resume in some form in our relatively near future.

And now to finish my post; (had an 0830 tee time this morning)…

Furthermore, why the disdain towards mask-wearers?

You have no idea why an individual may be wearing a mask:

  1. They may be immunocompromised

  2. They may have COVID

  3. They may be recovering from COVID

  4. They may be caring for a child/spouse with COVID

  5. They may share a home with immunocompromised/elderly relatives

  6. They may actually give a s.h.i.t about other people.

Should the day come when you bump into someone wearing a mask in the supermarket checkout line, or perhaps waiting in line to board an aircraft, I’d hope you show some level of humanity and NOT direct hate/disdain towards them.

Hopefully you’d consider actually thanking them for caring not ONLY about themselves, but others as well.

Perhaps you’re convinced COVID is merely a common flu (or even a hoax). But watching a loved one suffer its sometimes harsh effects sucks. Sometimes it kills.

Shame on you.


Thanks Hog Doctor. There is good news and bad news with Mary getting covid. The good news is it was a terrible way to find out that Mary’s immune system is almost back to normal. She was able to fight it off, and it didn’t effect her much longer than it did me.

The bad news is all the coughing has re-triggered alot of the pelvic pain that had finally, after almost two years, started to diminish. Now the pain has increased again…just from the constant coughing.

But she’s alive. Playing her violin professionally again. Thank you Mayo clinic. And God of course.


I apologize, Robbie. I was not trying to be insensitive. I have prayed for your Mary many nights.


I am sure you have. Thank you for that. Apology accepted. Covid is on a major uptick in Charleston. It hit us and many of our friends. Some in their 70’s and 80’s. A couple are in some trouble with it. The Black community is really getting hit hard. Including some of my now former students (but still friends).


Reading Demo-Gazette, this morning numbers coming back up here, in Ark also

I was in a play recently and most of us got it. I think everyone was either vaxed or had had covid. Fortunately nobody got real sick. I had a low grade fever for a day or two, and not much energy for about a week. Even a cast mate who is battling cancer, did not get all that sick. It seems to me that the current strains are highly infectious, but not nearly as deadly as the earlier strains.

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I didn’t want to post this, but I am wording this as gently as I can so that others here can get another honest perspective of what some of us have been living through the last couple of years.

Now, I have recently lost a very dear friend of mine who was only 56 and whom I’ve known for 31 years. This brings the total of number of friends, extended family and work acquaintances who have suffered immensely then passed away while infected with Covid to 25. Zero exaggeration- 25 horrible, avoidable deaths. Mostly work friends from the film industry who work on set, workers and neighbors from my building in the Loop — almost all before the vaccinations/boosters were available back in 2020.

The last 2.5 years have been brutal, especially with this last loss. My dear friend’s sister and her evangelical/hard right husband didn’t believe in the vaccine, etc. Unfortunately most of his extended family held those same misguided beliefs and a deep lack of empathy for others outside their tribe.

Very, very long story short, his elderly mother had passed, he alone was her caretaker. With the passing of the Family Patriarch, they had family/friends coming into Little Rock from all over the country with a similar mindset of the Sister/BiL Preacher for an adhoc family reunion and funeral. All of these people made it very difficult to act in a safe, responsible manner even going so far as to meanly cajole other mourners into not wearing their masks while congregating in crowded indoor spaces. No precautions, no cares in the world. After a few days of visiting, swapping stories a lot of people started feeling weak and unwell… The One funeral eventually turned into Four. All because of willful ignorance and unchecked egos, It’s all a bit overwhelming for me to be frank.

My Dear Friend spent the last 5 years taking care of his elderly Mother, which meant he quit his lucrative corporate management job, packed his life away to selflessly look after her until she passed. He didn’t last 7 months before he ended up with covid and drowned to death in his own mucus. I’m gutted, especially since we didn’t spend much time together the last couple of years because we weren’t taking any chances with our respective Elderly Parents lives.

I have been having a very hard time with my friend’s passing, he had such a big heart and still had so much life ahead of him. He did not deserve this brutal ending.


Right…breathing Co2 plus wearing a petri dish is very helpful. And Kerr, well, it’s not like he’s stupid.

I had missed your comment, “skin in the game.” Yeah same here , my Mom died last year. But a mask does SQUAT. Period.


Quite honestly, you are making a lot of assumptions about me, and you don’t know me at all. I have no disdain for mask wearers…everybody in this country has individual freedom. We have ALL lost people to this virus that China unleashed upon humanity.

But…we have to get back to normal life at some point, and your attacks against me don’t change that at all.

I’m glad you got your tee time in before you came back to attack me some more. I work 6 days a week and wish I had time for golf. Take care and God Bless.


Jeremy, I like your posts about the Hogs on this board. We probably disagree on many other issues. And that’s ok. But please remember that this thread would not exist were it not for your original post.