What is TN doing over there?

Just when you think Butch is in trouble for threatening his players from turning in a rapist player, he scates.

Then he underperforms with all that talent and is said to be on hot seat.

Now they seemingly blow it out winning with recruiting even more.

He’s always supposedly recruited well. Nothing new.

People in Georgia have complained of the overt cheating at Rocky Top for years. UTk has an extensive network of relationships at High Schools across the Southeast. Butch Jones is probably not as responsible for the success as the boosters that are desperate to return to the Glory years that evaporated after the 1998 Champs.

I’ve live in TN for the past 20 years. Love it here. Except for the disgusting orange everywhere you look. It’s clear that Butch can recruit the 4* and 5* guys. I have no proof of wrongdoing by him or the boosters so I can’t comment on those allegations. Here is what I know from watching (and hearing) TN football reports daily.

  1. Jones has had some major character issues with his team
  2. He recruits highly rated players but does not coach them up
  3. He is a whiner…reminds me of Calipari with the refs…wants to blame everything but poor coaching for losses
  4. Plays in the East - would be fired right now if he had our schedule

He better win big this year. The wolves are howling here. :sunglasses: