What is timing of Macon decision?

How does Mike use that slot for recruiting quickly if he leaves?

Seems Portis and Quall’s were coming back and then all of the sudden bam had to figure out something fast.

Like everyone I hope Macon comes back.

With only one year of d 1 experience it seems a little more seasoning might help longevity for Europe or NBA

  1. I believe Macon comes back.

  2. This year is different from the Portis/Qualls year. CMA’s mantra is recruit and numbers work themselves out. The Portis/Qualls year it didn’t seem like he was following that rule. He made a couple offers about a week before Portis/Qualls announced, but you got the feeling it wasn’t a “need” until the announcement, then it was like, Oh crap, we screwed up. This year, they’re (the coaching staff) working hard at recruiting. Talking to quite a few guys. It’s like they expect someone or more to leave and they want to be ready.

Hope you are right

I also think he will be coming back, but if he were to declare…

April 23 - deadline for underclassmen declaring for NBA draft

May 9-14 NBA Draft Combine

May 16 - NBA Draft Lottery

May 24 - NBA Draft early entrant withdrawal deadline to maintain college eligibility

162 declared last season with 91 withdrawing

One thing that Macon should definitely declare for is the weight room.

He’s in the weight room as much as anybody else.

Not everybody can be as ripped as you and I