What is the staff looking for?

Do they want to fill both spots? Do they have a particular position(s) in mind or do they take the best guy(s) they can get? Would they take a late JUCO?

I could certainly see trying to bring in a graduate transfer or two. A true center who can play in our system is probably not out there, but there are a few power forwards, like Trey Porter, ex- Old Dominion. Tariq Owens, ex- Syracuse is kind of skinny, but he was decently productive in the ACC. Michael Finke, ex-Illinois, has size and decent production, but I never watched Illinois play this year so I have no idea if he can get up and down the floor.

An experienced shooting guard? Maybe Lyrick Shreiner, ex-Cal State Northridge/TCU or better yet, Zach Johnson, ex-Florida Gulf Coast.

All good thoughts.

I don’t know.

Gafford obviously proven NBA type with one year left.

After that the program is basically starting over with freshmen.

Highly unlikely we make tourney next year.

Question is whether Mike has the Capital in the bank to be patient through a rough year and maybe save schollies for four year types, or whether he needs to add juco types etc immediately to win next year that are hit or miss with only two years.

Not a knock on Mike, just a comment on whether we use numbers immediately or for the future.

With this staff I’d say prepare to be disappointed.

Will be back in the dance next year. I expect to go farther but that’s me. I’m not a doom and gloom person.

He certainly hasn’t done enough to get any sort of free pass, thats for sure.

While the kids coming in certainly don’t have the experience of the ones on the way out, they do have some things that the outgoing ones did not.

Such as higher basketball IQ, better overall skill level, more of a defensive mentality and more mental and physical toughness.

I saw this because of the numerous amount of times I have seen them play in high school - and mostly what I have seen against better competition on the AAU circuit.

A segment of you have criticized most of the six seniors, talked about what they lacked and generally noted that Arkansas would not be missing much except for the offense of Barford and Macon.

Now some of you are ready to uplift those seniors because it fits the script in your mind to find a way to criticize the head coach as if this only happens with this basketball program.

While Hall had what I thought to be a promising future, he clearly was not all bought in and has people in his ear.

I talked to him this afternoon on the phone right before I covered the baseball game and I believe there to be others guiding this situation.

As for CJ Jones, I like the young man, but the ability to add a big man to the class would outweigh his loss to me.

I fully expect Arkansas to make the tournament next season, even though there could be up to nine new faces on the roster with the six freshmen, transfer Jalen Harris, the possible addition of Garland and another likely big man via junior college or graduate transfer.

I expect - at least this moment - for them to add one big man and possibly a guard, but only if one of those is a graduate transfer so that scholarship would be available for the 2019 class.

Nobody is looking for a free pass.

As I have written on this site, losing in opening round of the tournament this season makes this a good, but disappointing season.

But they have made the tournament three of the last four years, won a game in two of those years and the program is trending upward, not downwards.

That’s arguable. I’d say stagnant. If you look at years 2-4 and 5-7 your looking at basically the same records overall and for conf (and actually the 2nd group of years record wise isn’t as good). After 7 years there is no real evidence that this staff can even keep this good group together for 3-4 years and there is no guarantee that they are going to be able to keep this going either for the next few classes.

We have actually heard how “GREAT” recruiting has been since 2016. As great as JB and DM were the 2016 was that class never offered an long term stability and three real reaches. One currently is left on the roster.

2017 could end up being another throw away year after Gafford leaves after the next season. Not looking like there is much to set up for long term success either.

Last question…why can’t we…you know…go after TWO grad transfers? Why is it only one? It seems like this staff settles on rosters far too often. I’m pretty sure we could use the help.

Best part of this post is that for the first time in a while you moved Garland to “possible” from “probably not”. Encouraging.

I’m going to lean on Dudley here. I trust his eyes on these guys. I am not opposed to a big and a G, but prefer a big and a wing, not a fan of saving one really. I think they have a shot at making some noise next season if these guys are mentally tough beyond their years, with the addition of a big and wing. Hate losing Hall, but also think adding a big is a big deal. Needs to be as quality a big as they can find.

If you recruit a guy that gets drafted by the NBA its not a throw-away year.

These days you better expect attrition when you recruit basketball players, because it is coming no matter how good or bad you recruit. So long term success is only going to come with bringing in good players each year. The problem is that you can’t sign"extra" good players in the fall if you don’t have a roster spot open. No body gray-shirts in college basketball, and it is very difficult for most kids to put off signing until spring. So when you lose an underclassman after the early signing period, you get into this bind of taking a transfer/signing somebody late/holding the spot open to sign another guy in the fall. Happens all over the country, we just got bit harder than usual today with Hall’s departure.

I didn’t say that wouldn’t go after two grad transfers.

What I was trying to get across was that you have clear some space for 2019 guy or guys.

The issue they found with Garland might have saved his life. But let’s chalk that up to Anderson, too, huh?

If Gafford does pro after two years, Arkansas shouldn’t have recruited him?

And Hall, who said over and over and over that all he ever wanted to be was a Razorback, they should haven’t sign him either?

It was a class that had two top 60 players nationally and another in the top 125. It was a good class.

What is it about the 2018 class as a whole or individual players that you don’t like? That Reggie Perry bolted out of the blue after getting back from Italy?

Dudley, I (and this is only my opinion) wouldn’t go after two grad transfers. I understand the need for a scholarship in 2019, but we also need some in 2020. To me, the more important recruits are in that class. 1 JUCO and a grad transfer would work for me. That’d give us a scholarship in 19 & 20.

I’m not saying that to disagree with you, but kind of adding on about what we will need in the future. I think 20 & 21 might be the best group of kids to come out of AR in a very, very long time.

To be real with you if we could get Courtney Ramey and a Grad Transfer Big we could make the Final Four. An elite Point Guard would fix something for real and make Gafford that much better

I don’t think we need another freshmen. If you grab him (and I understand how high he is ranked), you go down another scholarship for 2020. You have to assume that the grad transfer and Gafford both open up spots for 2019. That leaves us with one scholarship for 2020. Moody, Doakes, Moore are very, very good players. Potentially a 5* or two. There is another kid, that’s been mentioned in that class as well, I’d rather skip on Ramey and go for the big boys in 2020. May not be to the liking of some, but missing out on those guys because we have no scholarships to offer is worse than having a “rebuilding” year this year. MVHO

Saving scholarships for 2020 might be saving them for the next coach. You never know. We haven’t seen yet how Yurachek will handle hot-seat situations.

Response: The human spirit can be interesting when challenged, or when unjustly criticized. As I posted before I personally like this incoming group of players, a newbie at every position with skills and athletic to boot. The return of our big guy in the middle, can you say first round lottery pick. I predict Gafford will have that kind of a season, in addition next season’s team will be much stronger scoring and playing defense very balanced on both sides of ball

Coach Anderson seems to not want to offer scholarships that he doesn’t have to give, which is admirable. After this year’s turnover I’m beginning to think coaches are going to be forced to over-recruit even if it results in being forced to gently help someone out the door. It is not good to enter the season without at least 10 to 12 active scholarship players. Too many chances for injuries, suspensions, etc. Looks like we should count on 1 or 2 transfers a year. The point is, there’s no reason to save scholarships for next year, you’ll likely have 1 or 2 open up anyway.

Somebody (maybe Dudley) said this week there are expected to be more than 1000 transfers among the 351 D-I basketball programs. That’s averaging three per team. We may be getting off lucky with only two. Talk about the Millennial generation; we’re recruiting kids who weren’t even born when we beat Texass in the Y2Cotton Bowl.

I remember Bud Walton only selling out once maybe twice in a entire season just a few short yrs ago.

Ticket sales will always decide the outcome…