What is the real reason we did not hire Lane Kiffin?

and Keith Carter Ole Miss AD did? All the rumors on that Friday were we were hiring Kiffin, even Clay thought so. Then somehow on Saturday morning the next day, Kiffin went to the Rebels. I was really disappointed we did not hire Lane Kiffin, still am.

Did Jimmy Sexton screw us over? Did Hunter Yurachek try to go cheap when Ole Miss stepped up? Did Kiffin just not want to come to Arkansas? Why did we lose that battle to Ole Miss? I am still pissed off about this deal.

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The story at the time was that Sexton was playing us and OM off against each other to get the best offer for LK, and Hunter said I ain’t playing that game.

He will bail on OM at some point. Bigger school, or the NFL again, but he won’t stick around.

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Great question Jhawg, I feel the same. I love Sam but hate that we seemingly got played by Sexton and OM.

Agree that he won’t stick around Swine–perhaps not more than another game or 2. But OM is closing in on their second 10 win season in a row, just had a 14 home game winning streak snapped and they appear to be poised to be pre-season top 10 material next year. No question that OM is in much better shape than when he arrived. But can they sustain that level of success? History says otherwise, but recent history also shows that OM is capable of playing with the big boys with another hire like Freeze or Kiffin.

So, why did Arkansas miss out on Kiffin? Was it a matter of money only? If so, in hindsight I wonder how much we would pay now for all of those wins and years of national relevance. But the biggest question is: are we better off hiring someone who appears to be a solid coach, who wants to be here and can provide long-term stability? Or did OM do it right by paying big $$ to a rising star for instant relevance, knowing that he would only be there for a relatively short time? Still too early for there to be a definitive answer, but it certainly appears that OM got the better end of the deal.

I seem to remember the story went something like this…

There was an agreement and all but hand shake for Kiffin to be coach at Arkansas.

Then just before the clock struck midnight Sexton/Kiffin tried to change the value of the agreement saying Ole Miss is willing to offer more. Which is very crappy consider a supposed agreement was in place.

Arkansas told him well you best take the Ole Miss deal if your gonna break your word to us.

Then I heard they came back and said they’d rather come here but at that point there was too much shenanigans and we said too late, we are done. We had a deal, you tried to squeeze us… go ahead and go to ole miss.

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Kiffin’s chances of winning an SEC West title are not any better next year, because of the schedule if nothing else. If he can’t win it next year he probably has to ask himself if he’s maxed out at Ole Miss, or even if not, is it worth it to hang around hope for bigger things in 2024 and beyond.

In 2023 Ole Miss a tricky non-conference game @ Tulane in September followed by a home game against Georgia Tech and then a brutal three game stretch of @ Bama, LSU and the Hogs. They could be out of the conference race by their mid-October bye week.

If they make it through that stretch with hope alive, they play Auburn on the road in late October, face a two game swing in November of A &M and @ Georgia, and then play the Egg Bowl In Starkville. They will have to be much better next year to even go 9-3.

I remember the same. But I had not heard anything about your last paragraph.

That’s pretty much the more detailed version of what I heard.

I remember it the same way, Votan.

Ole Miss was the better job. The Arkansas job at the time was toxic, nobody wanted to come within 10 ft of it. Arkansas and Kiffin were talking, but once the Ole Miss job opened up late. He choose them.

I would say that is the Ole Miss spin on what happened, and leaves out a lot of behind the scenes context.


As far as Sam’s style and Kiffin’s style, what bring’s consistency to a program? Like Calapari, Kiffen can bring in one and dinners from the portal and have success. But winning Championships? Not so much. Yeah Calapari can rack up wins, but in the Tournament, he gets bounced by the Sweet 16 usually. All that great talent and he’s got only 1 Natty. Kentucky fans are getting a little tired of Cal lately. They want Championships, and they want them now. With Kiffen, he’ll bail on Ole Miss as soon as a better job opens up for more money. He’s a good coach, but a dirty mercenary as well.

I heard more detail but basically sexton changed the numbers that were agreed to and by a significant amount and the terms. I don’t know if Yurachek had agreed to the bump if Ole Miss does not bump again.

I buy old bamboo rods on EBay. You make your bid and fight for it at end. Where you stop means the bidding is over but you don’t know you get it with one more bid.


I’m still glad we got CSP over Kiffin. One, I’m not convinced Kiff stays at OM, two, his team benefitted from a really weak schedule this year. We had a very difficult schedule and were doing fine until that one play against A$M and then KJ’s injury. As someone pointed out in another thread, this year the close games have gone against us. Last year they went for us. We’re 2 plays away from being 7-3 & only 8 points away from being 8-2. (And I’m still not convinced we lose to MSU if KJ played there.)

I know none of that makes our record any better, but it does mean our team is still much better than it was for the 8 years preceding the arrival of this coach. If KJ plays & is healthy Saturday, I like our chances of beating OM. If he’s still healthy the next week, I like our chances of beating MU. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been healthy even when he played during the last 6 games.


Too me he still acts like a child on the sidelines and at pressers, including the facial expressions. Maybe I could get to like him w the 10 wins. :sunglasses:

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Jimmy may have poisoned the well by changing the deal because his client wanted what he viewed as a better job given the ditch we were in.

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I decided a long time ago (I’m almost 60), that I would not work for someone I could not trust. I feel the same about people who work for me.

If Hunter and Sexton had reached agreement and Sexton came back for more money because of another school’s interest, I have no problem with HY saying no. I would have done the same.


It would not surprise me if Kiffin was the next Aggie head coach.

Regardless, with the openings at Auburn and sure to be other places, Sexton will be putting Kiffins name out there to squeeze more money from Ole Miss. And he will keep doing that… as long as grass grows, wind blows, and the sky is blue.

And if you think you’ve heard that line before, it was spoken by Chief Dan George in a movie called Little Big Man (1970). I have just watched it again for not sure how many times now and it was fresh on my mind.

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Great movie. D.H. was great as he usually is.

Guys I’m pretty sure Kiffin inherited a much better team than Sam did. There is no guarantee that he would have had the same success at Arkansas that he has had at Ole Miss.