What is the over/under number for agents.................

…of existing major D-1 football coaches who, having seen the $7+mil offer to Gus, will be contacting our new AD to see if they can get their guy that kind of deal? I say 5. I am hoping for David Shaw @ Stanford myself. :smiley:

Keep hoping, he’s not leaving.

I know he just bought a $4.5mil house but in Northern California, that would be a 3 bedroom bungalow. Think how much further $7+mil would go in NWA. :smiley:

If Shaw goes anywhere it would be the NFL. And I don’t think he’s going anywhere. BTW, he’s already making $4M+ in Palo Alto and doesn’t have to deal with the SEC wars.

I know it won’t be him, but Petersen. He did express frustration with the PAC-12’s scheduling on the tv. SEC would be more in the right time. Yes, he has a HUGE buyout, one of the reasons I don’t think we offer him.

The number I found for Shaw’s salary was old. USA Today reports he made $5.6M last year. And he gets to play teams in Corvallis and Tucson, not Athens and Baton Rouge. Would you leave that? Me neither.

I know it didn’t exactly work out like we hoped, but, prior to it happening, wouldn’t most people have said the same thing about Bielema asking to be Arkansas’ coach? Successful coach, well established, why would he want to leave? Bielema had been MORE successful than Shaw has been. Maybe it could work the second time around. :smiley:

The ironic thing is Bielema had far more success in the big ten than Saban ever thought about having. I didn’t expect Saban like results since it is more difficult to succeed in Fayetteville than Baton Rouge or Tuscaloosa, but it should have been a lot better. Oh well. Life goes on.

Bielema wasn’t making $5.6M in Madison either.

Still think it is hard for coaches outside of SEC To appreciate what it takes to win in SEC. This is what sunk Bielema; took him 5 years to begin to get the players needed in SEC, Typical SEC def end is faster than in other leagues. Kiffin does know what SEC requires, if you can tolerate him. But others on list will have a significant learning curve.