What is the next domino to fall?

In basketball recruiting. We’ve been sitting on Pinion for awhile, and we’ve had a lot of stud visitors lately. When will we start seeing new commits for 2022? Also, is Muss gonna fill the last spot we have open for next year? I’m hoping Dudley’s vacay opens the floodgates soon. It’s been too quiet lately. Go Hogs!

Barry Dunning Jr commits July 4th.

Most expect him to choose Arkansas.

That would be a very nice start, but what happened with Lloyd? Are there bigger fish on the line? I truly believe that Muss needs to make a statement with this next class. I don’t really care what Self is doing, because I think his days are numbered. What concerns me is what Beard is doing at Texas. Maybe Muss gets a bomb to drop real soon? I sure hope so. It’s just been too quiet for too long.

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