What is the new radio show that took Bo's spot?

It’s terrible. I listened the first 10 minutes, and I learned and heard nothing about the Razorbacks, sounds like they are radio newbies, it’s uncomfortable. How in the world did these guys get a radio show in the prime time spot? I turned that off and have no intentions of ever listening again. Who are these guys? Bart was just a fill-in on bo’s show and he’d run circles around these guys.

It is hosted by Derek Ruscin and Zach Arns.

Just listened and I didn’t think it was bad. They sound fine to me.

I listened for a short while and heard nothing interesting.

I listened the 1st day.

Derek Ruscin has been doing a morning drive sports talk show in Fort Smith for years with Tommy Craft and a rotating cast, including Tyler Wilson, Nick Mason and Clint Stoerner. I didn’t say he’d been doing it well, though. My schedule change in my last year in FS kept me from listening, but I didn’t miss it at all.