What is the Nature of Reed injury?

have not seen anything on it here, but Coach B tweeted he did. Perhaps I missed it.

Rolled his ankle per BB.

He has an ankle sprain. It happened during the scrimmage Saturday toward the end. We saw him walk off the field to the exam room on the south end of the stadium.

I thought the Hogs would have the ankle injury problems eliminated by now, especially considering the problems experienced last year.

Last year we had a lot of problems having to do with the foot but I don’t recall many ankle injuries. That being said, people twist their ankles all the time in every sport. It’s one of the more common injuries. Not much you can do to help prevent it besides wear a brace or tape it up but that’s not something wide recievers typically do unless a problem is already present.

If you know how to eliminate ankle injuries, I’m sure that would be worth a lot of money. That is kind of a silly comment. You have guys flying all over the place with other guys flying at them. It’s actually a miracle there aren’t more ankle injuries than there are.

Ankle injuries are going to be a part of sport until the end of time. I don’t know any way to eliminate them. I see them with every team and in every sport. Probably miss one week. Maybe part of another. He’ll be back soon.

Hogomatic, where did I say anything about knowing how to eliminate ankle injuries? We have a lot of highly paid people who’s job is to do their best to eliminate injuries. As Clay stated, “ankle injuries are common occurrences” but the medical staff should continue to try to come up with a better way to eliminate them. You sound like a troll for the training department.

KL, take a deep breathe.

If you read my comment, it says “If you know how to eliminate”. Notice the “IF”. You did say “I thought the Hogs would have the ankle injury problems eliminated by now”. Now, I may have misinterpreted, but to me that indicates that they can be eliminated. So, you trying to cover by saying I sound like a troll is pretty weak.