what is the deal with the Punting??

correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Johnson one of the best punters in the Nation?? I have read where the punting has been bad all camp…what is going on with that…will kill us if we can’t get that straightened out

I know the coaches talked up Johnson in the pre-season, but then he went out and kicked well once and then lousy once. He also had a couple inside the twenty which were fine. I just don’t see a guy who will consistently boom long, hard to return punts. On the positive side, his mistakes so far have been shank jobs that were short, rather than the much worse line drives or low, easily returnable high school punts. So I think we will just have to live with it and hope the occasional short shank does not lead to big trouble at a crucial time.

yeah hope we can get to where we can at least 39-40 yd ave.

Somebody will work with him over the next two weeks and fix the problem.

Honestly, I just don’t think he’s a very good punter. He wasn’t good last year. When has he consistently punted well?

Punting was inconsistent in the preseason. Morris said that he had not been happy with the position until the Aug. 18 scrimmage when both did well.

Can Cole Kelley punt?

Yes, Kelley can punt, but it’s less than ideal to have your QB punt. Good way to get an injury. Most teams would relish a chance to rough the QB in punter situation. You’d get a penalty, but you’d just do it. Now is that ethical? No, but you are really risking a lot to put one of your key players back in punt position.

Blake Johnson’s potential is good. You can watch him in warm-ups and there is strength in the leg. He just does not punt consistently in games. I generally expect poor punting in the first game. Usually, that’s the worst game of the season for a punter. Maybe he’ll improve, maybe he won’t. Clearly, they hoped Reid Bauer would push and maybe win the job, but he hasn’t.

Hmm, that sounds like something Baylor would do. Oh wait, they did.

Yes. And I’ve never forgiven them for the hit on Little. Bush league. Sigh…

You beat me to that observation. And like LD, I never forgave Baylor for that, either.

Grant Teaff always projected this pious Baptist persona but his teams were the dirtiest in the SWC by far. Keep protecting yourself after the whistle because they were likely going to be hitting you. Hypocrite, thy name is Teaff.

The penalty Baylor got for that cheap shot on Steve Little? Five yards for offsides since Ronnie Lee was in the 10-yard zone on his kamikaze mission when the ball was kicked.

Hopefully we will go for it on 4th down.

Actually my hope is that we keep getting first downs early enough that we don’t ever have a 4th down.

It’s not just Arkansas fans who thought Teaff’s Baylor teams were dirty. A friend of mine worked in the OU athletic department. OU had a tradition of trading helmets with opponents after the game and displaying all opponent helmets in their athletic facilities. OU and Baylor played back in the 70’s and the game was so brutal, the OU folks joked when they got the Baylor helmet there was still a head in it.