What is the deal with Stetson #4 RPI?

I can’t for the life of me figure out why they are that high! yeah I know all about their 3 great pitchers but they only hit .243 as a team 18 hrs got beat 2/3 to Maryland who had a losing record did beat Fla state once but got smoked in the other 2 with them lost twice to Kennesaw state who has a good team but this is not one of their better ones…I don’t get it,they have played nowhere near the competition some other have.SOS is 50!

45-11 is a good bit of the reason. And their SOS is almost as high as Stanford and better than Oregon State.

Turn it around. We lost to Charlotte, Cal Poly and USC. Why is ours so high?

Can’t believe you would even ask that look who we played!! There is no comparison whatsoever between our schedule and thier’s. The only teams capable of beating them pretty much did… I’m not saying they aren’t a good team but to host a regional over teams that played in a much tougher league and played a much tougher schedule is crazy

Obviously we played a much better schedule than they did. But Oregon State didn’t, and Stanford didn’t either, and they’re both top-8 seeds in all likelihood.

By the way, if Oregon State had had their best pitcher in Omaha last year, they probably win the NC. Of course that’s also the pitcher who pleaded guilty to molesting his 6-year-old niece, and now says he didn’t do it. He’s back this year, by the way.

Yes OS has a proven great baseball program which is why they get the benefit of the doubt I’m sure. I just can’t believe Stetsons# 4 over teams like Texas A&M and Auburn who played in the toughest league in the country